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Yemi Alade Apologises To Fans For Failing To Show Up At Berlin Concert

Yemi Alade has apologied to fans for failing to perform at a concert in Tropical Bar, Berlin, Germany.
In a video she just released to personally address the issue, she attributes it to an error on the part of the organisers who told her she was to show up at 2.00am but had kept fans waiting since 10 pm.
By the time she got to the venue at 2.30am, half of the people present had left and the other half were really furious. Things got violent and her team advised her not to step out. Moreover, the organisers took the microphone away, according to her.
She emphasises she was present at the event, though late, and didn’t intend to call her fans’ bluff by keeping them waiting and failing to turn up in the end.
She concluded by further apologising for things going awry last night and has asked her fans to go collect back the money they paid for tickets claiming that she has refunded it. She promises to return there some other time.

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