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Wife Accuses The Redeemed Pastor’s Husband of Adultery

For Mrs. Toyosi Bablola, an usher with Redeemed Christian Church of God, her 13 years marriage with Mr. Babatope Babalola, who is said to be a pastor of the same church but under different province, is one of the pains and sufferings as the estranged hubby has abandoned her  for a new bride who resides in Kogi State.
She told the Agege Customary Court Grade ‘A’ to dissolve her marriage last week Thursday owing to constant battering , lack of care and failure to fulfilling his financial responsibility as father to her two sons who are  between the ages of nine and 13.
Mrs. Babalola told the court that in the first five years of their marriage, she was  using church offerings  to feed her husband who was not working then and even after he got a job, the situation  didn’t change. She told the court that she often repay when she get her monthly salary before final remittance  of the offering to the Province.  She revealed that even when her hubby got a job, he would only give her a paltry N200 for upkeep of herself and their sons.
She said, aside of all these ill treatments that she has been receiving from her husband, he often leave the home without making provisions for the children welfare and he won’t tell her his whereabouts.  She explained that she has only been enduring her union rather than enjoying, thinking that her man who is a pastor would one day change but rather things turned from bad to worst. The situations came to a head when she discovered that her husband frequent absents from home is due to a mistress that he is seeing  in his home town, in Kogi state.
The court was shock when she displayed a life-size banner picture of her husband and a lady in half nude posture  allegedly taken in a room that looked like a living room with other picture sin their home in Kogi state. She said she got the pictures from her husband digital camera that was hidden in a cupboard in the bedroom.
She went on to roll out one allegation to another, which let those in the court to be amazed . While tears were freely flowing from her cheek, she narrated that some time ago when she took ill, her husband neither visited her in the hospital nor show care, adding that in a month, they hardly speak more than five times, while they keep malaise for the rest of other days. Her sons tuition is  her sole responsibility as husband has never pay school fees for his kids, she told the court.
When she was asked by the president of the court, why she now want to part ways with the father of her sons, she said ’ I can’t bear the pains and suffering any more, that the court should dissolve the marriage in the presence of the church members who have come to witness the proceedings’.
When Mr. Babatope Babalola who resides at 11 Ayo Alabi Street, Oke Ira, Ogba, Lagos was asked of his own side of the story, he told the court ‘I thought my wife was missing  and I almost went to the police station to report before he got a message from her that she is fine where she is and I shouldn’t bother about her. This I promptly reported to her parents that show indifference to the case. Even when I got the court notice I still reached out to her parents that now told me to go to court and whatever the court concludes they would stand by it’. He however admitted that he used to keep malaise with his wife in order to avoid troubles
He told the court that the lady in the picture presented by his wife is just an acquaintance, that the lady is a friend to his brother and not his new wife as being alleged. At this point, those in the court went into murmuring which took the president of the court some minutes to restore order. Though, he didn’t deny other allegations, yet pleaded with the court to save his marriage.
Attempt by the court president to mediate into the matter was resisted by the wife who said she is done with the marriage of 13 years, vowing that she will never return to the pastor’s house except to pack out her belongings.
Upon the insistence of Mrs. Babalola against option for the court to mediate on the matter, the president of the court adjourned the case still 5 August, 2013 for further hearing. He warned both parties to maintain peace and order untill the next hearing date.
Jeremiah Akpan


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