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Why I can’t act nude -Lilian Ibeh

Lilian Ijeoma Ibeh,   popularly called IJ by fans and friends is a fast rising actress that is set to take the Nollywood by storm. The Imo born thespian in this encounter with News of the People, Jeremiah Akpan, opens up her acting career and the challenges. Enjoy the excerpts.

My Background
My name is Lilian Ijeoma Ibeh, I’m 28 years old. I’m a graduate of accounting of University of Abuja. I’m from Imo state. I based in Abuja and from a family of six. I am an upcoming actress.
Why I Choose Acting as a Career
Acting has been part of me. I have been showing the trait when I was much younger. Whenever I say anything, my friends would just laugh. They usually called me a comedian .i doesn’t just know how the flow comes but I just discovered that I make people around me happy. They will say Lilian you can act and you are very humourous. I’m a good entertainer. I love acting! My friends and family have been encouraging me to take into acting. My family and friends inspired me to become an actress.
The Challenge
It has been very challenging getting role as an upcoming actress. When I started, some people told me that if I don’t have money, I won’t hit the limelight. What they were suggesting to me was to bribe my way to stardom. But to this, I have explained that God owed everything including money and I believe that God will see me through. I believed in what I do and I believe that I’m good at it. I believe when you do the right thing, God will bless you. I’m just coming up, I believe with time I would be known.
Sex for Role
When I started acting my colleagues told me that I need three things to be successful: money, connection or sex.  They told me that if I don’t do anything of the three, I should as well kiss goodbye to acting. I told them that Lilian wouldn’t sleep with any producer for a role. I believe in my destiny, I was born to be an actress. I believe I will go places without soiling my hands in any of the three vices. I pray that by God’s grace I will get there soon.
My idol in Nollywood is Ngozi Ezeonu
Ngozi Ezeonu is my idol. Oh my God! My dream is to be on set with her.  I don’t know, but people say we look alike.  They often asked if I was her daughter and all that, but she is just my best. Ngozi Ezeonu and Joke Silva are just my best actresses. I love other actresses and actors but the two stand out from the pack. I respect them so much.
Nude Role
God forbids! That would be the last thing I would do. I’m sorry; I can’t act nude no matter the huge amount on offer.
My Family Reaction to my Acting career
My mother told me I shouldn’t go into acting when I told her of my intention. She said I she should rather go into business because I have a good sense for business. I told her that acting is my calling. I thanked God that she saw reasons with me and gave me her motherly prayers and supports. My dad instantly gave me his consent and support, because he believed in me and also he is a man of few words.
My Best Role in movie
I can interpret any role excellently with great precision couple with a Midas touch. But in all, my best role is acting like a mad woman. Notwithstanding this, I’m good in any role and I will give my best no matter how challenging the role may be.
My opinion on celebrity marriage
Most celebrities don’t go for their real spouse. Some use their boyfriend as their husband and their husband as their boyfriend. At the end, they get kick out of their matrimonial home. God had destined a husband for every woman. So actresses should take it slow and seek God’s face concerning marriage.
The real man
Is there any real man on earth? There is no real man on earth. To me, I haven’t seen a real man yet, when I see one, I will know.
Any relationship
I am not into any relationship right now. That mean I’m single but not ready to mingle. I want to give my acting career 100 percent attention for now.
Combining acting and signing
I want to confess, I don’t have voice for signing but I’m very good dancer. I will say my hobbies are cooking, acting and dancing. I cook for the whole family, I really love cooking.
My likes
Honesty, God fearing and caring.
Liars and cheating.
If I wasn’t Acting
I would have been a professional dancer. I would have gone abroad to get the requisite training for it and then open my own dancing academy.
My Final Words
Live and let live. Pray and work hard and heaven would be the limit.

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