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Why I Acquired Classic Cars -Kunle Afolayan

Ace movie producer Kunle Afolayan has explained why he loves to acquire classic and antique autos. He explained this in his social media handle thus:
“I started acquiring classics since 2014. Why? Because it was so difficult for us to get the right classic props when we were about to shoot October 1.
Most of the props we gozt were purchased on Amazon but we managed to get a few classic cars after a lot of effort from friends who know some friends who were willing and ready to allow us use their classic cars for the shoot. Thanks guys.
I remembered we resulted to restoring some grounded cars for the shoot in Akure.
Most of my addiction these says are things that are tie to my work.

Filmmaking and art generally in an addition and means to an end for me.

Get addicted to your craft.

it’s time to start the weekend drinkup in a social distancing manner 🍻”

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