Who is after Felix Duke?

The popular saying that a gold fish has no hiding place may have prompted some busy bodies and detractors to descend heavily on Felix Duke in recent time. If it is not story of a romance with one person, it will be another story of his dwindling career. Just few weeks back, a story hit the internet of how the music star, Felix was allegedly spotted buying second- hand goods somewhere in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.  It has just been reliably informed that the story is far from the truth, as Felix’s career as a musician is upwardly mobile. He, in the recent past, has actually been shuttling between USA, Europe and other Western countries plying his trade. His very beautiful wife and three lovely kids are happily living in Dallas, USA. Felix, as a definite re-brandishing artiste, is notably prominent in the South Eastern part of the country, doing what he knows how to do best and he has been doing this very well in his chosen career over the years without any condemnation.  For those who are originally set out to rubbish the good name of Felix Duke in the industry, and that of his sister, Princess Adesuwa, they had better beware and find something to do. On our part we want to sincerely say sorry for whatever inconvenience the story might have caused the music star and Princess Adesuwa.  As for the rumour mongers, beware and better know.

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