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Video Divulges How U.S Police Killed A Nigerian, Matthew Ajiba

The deceased Matthew Ajibade
The deceased Matthew Ajibade

A Close-Circuit Television has exposed how an U.S base-Nigerian, Matthew Ajibade died in police custody in Savannah, Georgia after 10 months of investigation.
Ajibade’s death at that time in police custody was ruled a homicide by coroners, but new video divulged he might have been murdered by those who were suppose to be protecting him.

Ajibade was an artist and photographer studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Information gathered revealed that on New Year’s Day 2015, Matthew Ajibade was arrested after a mental health crisis. Instead of being taken to a hospital, Ajibade, who was otherwise in perfect physical condition, was taken to jail—against his family’s wishes. In the new video, police are seen punching and kicking Matthew Ajibade in the face and head before restraining him.
The deceased, according to what is contained in the video, was stripped of his clothes and handcuffed to a restraining chair before the police used Taser on him.
A Taser is an electric weapon firing barbs attached by wires to batteries, causing temporary paralysis.
Strapped to the chair after already being beaten and stunned with a Taser multiple times, the cops went ahead to target his groin with the Taser.
A video expert, while analyzing the content explained that “Soon, we see that the Taser is moving closer to his genitals. As the camera gets closer to his genitals, it is deployed. You hear the awful shock of the Taser, followed by the unforgettable screams of Matthew Ajibade. The video then ends—perhaps as the Taser is turned off, but we don’t know.”
“What we do know is that Matthew Ajibade died in his cell, strapped to this restraining chair, soon after being Tasered here. The timestamp on the video states that it is 4:45 AM on the morning of January 2.”
“Police claimed they found Ajibade “unresponsive” in his cell at 1:38AM”.
After several protest, a judge in the state of Georgia tossed an involuntary manslaughter charge on a jailhouse nurse along with two policemen over the death of Ajibade who doctors confirmed to be mentally ill.
Prosecutors had argued that police failed to check on Mathew Ajibade every 15 minutes while he was in isolation, the said officer still faces charges that he falsified public records and made false statements and the two officers who are his co-defendants are still charged with involuntary manslaughter.
Ajibade, 22, died after being taken into police custody on New Year’s Day in the midst of what his family described as a bipolar episode. He allegedly hit his girlfriend and broke a policeman’s nose.

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