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US Elected President Trump Contemplates on Tasks Ahead

The November 8 United State elected president, Donald. J. Trump, despite protests by some agitating Americans, has started contemplating on who to involve in his government and how to unite the citizenry.

The billionaire business mogul wrote on his twitter handle on Friday that “Busy day planned in New York. Will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government!”.

It’s recalled that Trump was castigated for his campaign speeches on different occasions and was rated bellow his tight competitor, Hillary Clinton, who was assumingly preferred by many during the period.

But the outcome of the election was a shocker has the un-presumed candidate emerged the winner of the historical election.

However, some groups staged protested the result, but Trump, though had earlier described the action as “unfair”, believes their action was for the love of the country and can be united to achieve success “Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!”.

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