UNILAG Students Shut Out by Authority Over Failed ‘Re-absorption’ Policies

University of Lagos (UNILAG)’s Authority has allegedly chased out of hostels leaving them to sleep in the open due to their (the students) inability complete the submission of the re-absorption forms imposed on them by the managements.

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Among the forms imposed by university management on the students for re-absorption is the “Hall of Residence Clearance Form” for students who reside on the campus.
Several students who could not get their forms completed upon resumption of academic activities today were denied access into the halls of residence.

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Some students who said they came from their respective distant homes and could not return home and were left with no options other than to sleep outside in the open.
The university management in a recent memo has also banned squatting or visiting at any residence hall. No students are also allowed to gather for any reason in the residence halls according to the new rules.

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