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UNBELIEVABLE: ‘Northern Women Are Mixing Maggi And Coke To Get High’

A new dimension seems to have been developed by people to get high at al cost. Just as government agencies are working hard to take people off hard drugs, people keep evolving new dangerous means of getting high.
A Nigerian man has claimed that northern women are mixing Maggi – a cooking seasoning and Coke – a soft drink, in a bid to get high.
The Nigerian government has been making moves to reduce the rate of drug abuse in the country, and it seems the abusers have found another way to get themselves high.

Taking to Twitter, @KoloKennethK, wrote that women in the northern region of the country are getting high on the cooking seasoning and soft drink with just N120.
See what he wrote below;

Wow. I just learnt something today. Arewa women are getting high on ₦20 Maggi dissolved in ₦100 coke (in plastic bottle).

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