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This must be coming as a disappointment to many fans of this popular fashion designer, as he has gone beyond the limit of morality in his line of business. How do we mean? The popular designer fondly known as Mudi is right now enmeshed in a controversy that bothers on immorality as we said earlier. Unimpeachable information at the disposal of this magazine has it that the upscale designer put a 23 year old model in the family way, albeit outside wedlock,  much to the consternation of many who have heard of the ugly story. The model, simply identified as Ginny Dave and a graduate of University of Lagos is said to be many months gone in the pregnancy and sources close to this magazine have equally revealed to us that since the pregnancy matter touched Mudi’s awareness, he has severally been spotted at the Olatunji Street, Oshodi, Lagos abode of his supposed mistress. Mudi is said to often sneak in and out to pay his mistress nocturnal visits, as a way of pampering the girl in anticipation of the tiny tot. Ginny, it was gathered, came the way of Mudi as a young model whom she at one of the several fashion shows where Mudi plays big. There and then, the two clicked and a relationship ensued. In recent times the quotation on Mudi’s Face Book wall have been quite suspicious and eye brow-raising, as he seems to be pondering on certain things beyond his control. For example, he recently posted on his wall the following, “In the splendor of your Majesty”, a quote that has been linked to his mistress Ginny. Another quote on Mudi’s wall reads “ god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”. You will recall that the fashion connoisseur, Mudi is currently and legally married to a Ghanaian lady who since their marriage is yet to bear him {Mudi} the fruit of the womb, which may have spurred Mudi to look outside in search of this precious fruit. Efforts to reach Mudi on this development proved abortive, as his phone was switched off nor did he respond to the text message that was forwarded to him for his reaction on the pregnancy matter. As it stands now, much as the story sounds scandalous in all ramifications, given Mudi’s marital status, it might be a different cup of coffee to Mudi because at last what he has been hoping for in his wife of many years has just manifested in his 23 year old mistress and so it’s a thing of joy to him, scandal or no scandal. It is however expected that when the news finally becomes an open matter it is surely going to elicit mixed reactions from different quarters as it will be seen as a betrayal of love and affection on the side of Mudi to his wife whose reaction we can only wait for the news break to know.

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