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The jostle for who becomes the next governor of Lagos State is now getting clearer. Information at the behest of this tabloid has it that Hakeem Muri OKunola, is being touted to be the next governor of Lagos state. The Action Congress of Nigeria Chieftain, Asiwju Bola Ahmed Tinunbu is believed to be positioning Hakeem for the plum post. Political pundits are already claiming that even with Hakeem’s young age, he may not get the blessing of those in the ACN caucus, but TInubu is determined to put Hakeem in the same manner he put Babatunde Raji Fashola as governor of Lagos state in 2007.

Meanwhile, it has now become a talk of the town in Lagos state on who the next governor will be come 2015 after the exit of the incumbent governor Babatunde Fashola. As it is, political pundits believe that the Jagabon Borgu, Bola Tinubu will prefer to use one of his boys who is now a permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Hakeem Muri Okunola, whose father was a revered Justice in the court of appeal in Lagos state before he passed on.

When Hakeem Muri Okunola graduated as a Law student in London, he served with Ibile Holdinds as company secretary. That was when Adewusi was the Managing Director, and from there Hakeem served Tinubu in his second term as his personal assistant. Shortly after Tinubu left government, Hakeem was made to become an Executive Secretary in a very posh body that guarantees good facilitations. It is now no more news that Hakeem is being prepared for the Alausa secretariat top notch office even as speculations are rife that another top ACN member is said to be in the race for the governorship post. He is Muiz Banire who now holds sway as the National Legal Adviser of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN.

Between Muiz Banire and Hakeem Muri Okunola, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu may find it very hard to pick one of the two because Hakeem’s father used to be a family friend to the Tinubus and Muiz Banire is also a fraternal friend to Bola Tinubu.

Observers of the whole development however pointed at the direction of Akin Ambode, the state’s Accountant General who recently resigned his appointment. it was Akin who defended all the Tinubu’s administration expenses at the anti graft agency and that he hails from Epe confirms all speculations that he is in the race as the last joker of the political class who insist in having an indigene as next Lagos governor

As it is now, no one can say who will be the next governor of Lagos state, just as the opposition party PDP are pulling all the strings to upstage the ACN come 2015. It is indeed going to be a very good scenario because ACN as a party is well-rooted in Lagos state and the PDP is not leaving anything to chance.


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  1. Since Lateef JAkande, most of the Governors and deputy Governors of Lagos State have been muslims. I do not mind having muslim Governors in Lagos. That is perfectly fine. But for the sake of fairness, justice and even representation, isn’t it time that we have a christian Governor for a change. Who is going to tell me that there is no qualified christian to be Governor of Lagos State? The vast majority of Lagosians are christians. It’s not even a close contest regarding the numbers. Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the previous Governor and the present incumbent, Babatunde Raji Fashola are muslims, I think it is time for the pendulum to swing the other way, so all Lagosians can have a sense of belonging as this is an all inclusive rainbow city. We do not want one religion to have an hegemony and monopoly on power. I think this is a fair proposition. Also, I prefer an open primary decided by the good people of Lagos as opposed to one in which the party bosses picks and chooses who to represent us in the various political offices. The present system amounts and is tantamount to party dictatorship.

  2. Like I have always mentioned, religion has been the root of all problems we have been having world wide. Note that it is something we worship and practice before ds foreign things and we had peace then. Lv religion out of ds. Let’s get good hands and we don’t want fixing of candidate.

  3. We cannot hope for a fair and open primary whilst pre -condioning a Christian as the next Governor. Besides, Religion has not been , is not and should not be a factor in the governance of Lagos. Lagos is an example of Religious freedom and tolerance. please leave religion out of it.

  4. In a good political revolution in a certain state, we need to concern a good responsible leader that possess following attribution such as, humility, humanity , loyal, faithfully, integrity, honest, reliable and well discipline for Lagos State in achieve our ambitions and make Lagos State to be a desirable to residing.
    However, as an individual, family, streets, local govt, state as well as NIGERIA as a whole, we need be in unity for the promotion and transformation of this very state Lagos.

    May God intervene, and makes our crooked places straight
    and may God go before us. MAY GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS (Amen)

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