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The Quintessential African Business Mogul

For many who are reading about this young man, Kola Karim, for the first time, the revelations herein might sound incredible, but believe it or not, they are very true, potent and extremely evident of the unassailable exploits of this ambitious Ibadan big boy, who prefers to do his things without any publicity attached to them. His story is indeed a classic story of a purpose-driven and articulate businessman, whose enigmatic approach to business matters is simply exhaustive to watch. Welcome to the world of success and accomplishment in business a la Kola Karim.

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The primary goal of everybody in life is to be successful, and perhaps that is why this piece is masterfully pieced together from the exemplary and unique success story of a business mogul and astute boardroom guru par excellence, Karim, which could serve as a practical guide to self-attainment and unequalled achievement.
For the record, the young African business mogul is the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shoreline Energy International Nigeria, a conglomerate with interests that span oil & gas, power generation, engineering, commodities trading, infrastructure and construction across sub-Saharan Africa.
Apart from the above diverse sectors of business interests, this great son of Ibadan land kick-started his career in 1988, when he started with the Guardian Royal Exchange, UK as a trainee. No sooner he graduated in flying colours from the prestigious City University, London than he moved on to work for a top UK organization, H. K. Beaumont & Associates, as part of the senior management team. This premise about this young and very enterprising-focused man, has further authenticated his knack in the business world and the accompanying business exploits he has recorded, all of which he is still trudging on with all zeal, commitment and forthrightness.
In essence, while gradually and steadily climbing his career ladder with the initial Bachelors in Business Law from City University, London, young and very promising Kola, was on the side garnering more at the avant garde Harvard University, USA; an MBA from the University of Leicester UK, just to mention a few, and from all indications, he might still add more to his academic laurels, because age is still on his side to withstand the rigours of academic pursuits. Kola is still in his mid 40s, and all these accomplishments at this young age, have come to boost his many top notch positions like: Group Managing Director and CEO, Shoreline Energy International, Nigeria; Chairman, Costain West Africa; Director, Shoreline Natural Resources; Director, Shoreline Oil Services; Director, Shoreline Power; Director, Ecobank Nigeria Plc; Director, Schlumberger Testing & Prosudction Services, Nigeria; Director, Trans Amadi Facilities; Director, Leventis; Chairman, Nigerian Ropes, amongst many others that may not be known to the prying eyes on his mercurial profile. He is to boot, a member of Global Agenda Council on Emerging Multinationals; member World Economic Forum and an accomplished and meritorious Young Global Leader, 2008. Very dynamic Kola, also has a charitable foundation based both in the UK and his native country, Nigeria. He is a Patron of African Modern Art. His private interests can be located in the music of African music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Led Zeppelin.
Interestingly, Kola has an unquenchable hobby in Polo, Rugby and football which summarises that Kola Karim is not all about work, work and work without any leisure time.
In his 40s, Kola Karim and his team of committed professionals have been silently playing in the big league of the capital intensive upstream oil and gas sector. Mr. Kola Karim is known, in his own deserved right, for his excellent business and management skills; even as his transparency and acumen in the manner have been rewarded in many strata too numerous to mention in one piece like this.
According to the versatile businessman in a media interview, “I grow the business concerns and I conduct/manage around unbreakable structures that can be swiftly passed on to generations yet unborn, I am from a large extended family of five brothers and a sister, I am happily married with three lovely children”.
Kola speaks on how Shoreline started: “Shoreline started as a trading company. I came in 1993/94 and took a small trading company from my mother and we built it to several businesses. We have been very blessed with opportunities.

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It wasn’t by design, most of what we have done is by how opportunities have risen and have been bestowed on us; we have grown our businesses by acquisition, looked at targets in the Nigerian economy, got opportunities for acquisition and gone in to acquire these businesses to grow them to the next phase. That basically is our major drive.”
The story of this youngman can only be encapsulated in the mould of Warren Buffet and Mike Adenuga of this world. They braved out to make the impossible possible. That is why he advised young entrepreneurs in today’s economy to first and foremost dedicate their minds to what they want to achieve. Karim believes that what a lot of young people in Africa believe is that they have the ambition, but they don’t have the drive; there’s no point of being ambitious without a drive because you can’t achieve anything.
Closing on to this Ibadan big boy other virtues, which have been earlier enumerated, Kola was bold in his words, “I and my brother are huge Rugby fans; and we collect a lot of Rugby memoriabilia around the continent; we have the original shirt worn by Francois Pienaar we bought it five years ago at the Rugby Seven Cup at the auctions there.
This business mogul unwinds with the above and says more: “I spend a lot of time around horses and play Polo; I enjoy Polo; the community and friendships I have built around it over the years, and most importantly, the sanity around doing something I love, because it is a passion”.
Kola Karim has come to be in the business sector and no one can doubt that, because Shoreline Energy International, Nigeria, which he efficiently manages, is on course.

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