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THE MESSY BURIAL OF SENATOR ANDY UBA’S MOTHER …How His Mistress, Faith Vedelaigo Was Shut Out

Upper Friday, October 5, 2012, Senator Andy Uba , pulled the high and mighty to his hometown, Uga in Anambra State to give his mum a  befitting burial. Andy Uba’s mother, Mama Chinwe, was so honoured in life and at death, but what played out at the grand burial can only be left in the imagination of those who witnessed the burial.

At the event, which had five governors in attendance, the most prominent mistress of Andy Uba, Faith Vedelaigo, the General Overseer of Faith Ministry International, Abuja, FCT, was conspicuously absent.


According to our source, Faith’s absence at the burial was linked to a source from a family of the Ubas, who received a big threat from his first wife, that she was ready to brutalise Faith if she dare see her at the burial. As you will recall, there has over time been a cold war between Andy’s first and known wife, Obiageli and the famed mistress of Andy, Faith who bore him a daughter not too long ago.

Away from the Andy Uba’s wife and mistress’ palaver, the man of means and substance, was still able to prove his might to give his mum a glorious burial. Apart from the colourful aspect of the burial, Andy invited almost all the herbalists in Anambra State to perform some rituals at the venue where his mother’s remains were to be interred. He also went on to invite a rainmaker of repute to hold rains throughout the burial ceremony. From what we gathered, the herbalists smiled home with a whopping sum of N500,000, while the rainmaker went back home feeling sad, as they were not paid a dime.

The next day at the church service for the late Mama Chinwe, the rainmaker released the rains heavily as in cats and dogs; Andy had no choice but to go and settle the rain maker and the rains stopped.

Faith and her baby girl who happen to be name sake to Andy’s mother were not on the list pasted as members of Andy Uba’s family; the names pasted were his first wife Obiageli and her four children.

Andy Uba is not strange to scandals; from his rustic Uga village in Anambra State, Senator Uba has fought many battles in the snake pit, called Nigerian politics, in fact, he has gone through the labyrinth of allegations to emerge as a lawmaker.

Senator Uba, the “courier” is indeed not strange to scandals. As a personal assistant to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, he was fingered in the smuggling of $170, 000 to the United States of America in a presidential jet.

According to a family source in Andy’s home, not less than N500m was spent for the burial.

Faith and Uba got married in faraway France; most of Uba’s loots are allegedly in Faith’s custody. What is now bothering people is, why Andy would deny Faith and the baby she had for him.

If Andy can spend as much as N500m on his mother’s burial whereby 98% of his kinsmen are living in poverty in his state Anambra, he should be ready to face a tough fight to win anybody’s vote come 2015 for his governorship race ambition.

Andy Uba’s latest scandal was that of Ibori’s loot, that is the controversial $15million hanging on one Chibuike Achigbu, a businessman.

Finally, Andy has betrayed Pastor Faith and now Obi, his first wife, remains the first Lady. Then what happens to his ill-begotten wealth in custody of Faith; will the woman of God be the one to laugh last?

The Ubas are known for their relevance in Anambra state politics. Andy, Ifeanyi and Chris Uba are very much known in the political firmament of Anambra State. They feature prominently in Anambra State and the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja.

When their mother was buried penultimate week, the Ubas were at their best and gave out the most of entertainment to all guests invited. But the case of Andy Uba’s favoured mistress remained on the lips of many.

Interestingly, the most prominent of the Ubas, Chris, did not make any hue, even as his brother Ifeanyi was equally silent on the developments that unfolded; concerning the Andy Uba’s face-off with his mistress, Faith Vedelago. Andy’s US-based wife, Obiageli, is however not wavering over her intention to stop Faith from claiming her matrimonial home.


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