Stylish Yemi Alade @ MAMA 2016

…bows in respect to accept her award
It no more news that the 2016 MAMA night held in Johannesburg of South Africa was a honourary one for Nigerian artistes as some of them bagged prominent awards home.
Apart from the fact that Yemi Alade, Afropop singer, was a co-host and among the winners, her unique outfit was an eye opener as she glitters around the auditorium where the award took place.
The creativeness in her choice of dresses at the spectacular event something to behold and talk about.


She wore three different astonishing dresses; as a co-host she was in a pinky shoulder-less dinner gown with a white and pink rose cap to complement it and later appeared in another eyelids raiser well sowed African multi colour gown that shows off little of her cleavage.
“To kill it all” when she stepped out to receive her award she was in a brown cape and micro-freed shirt with tiger’s skin-like under which perfectly covered her flat stomach and upper thigh.


She proved to the world that she is indeed a Nigeria-trained lady has she took a bow to receive the award.

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