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Stella Oduah in fresh certificate scandal

imagesSenator Stella Oduah’s name seems to be synonimous with scandal and this may not be suprising. This is because, a woman of such huge accomplishments can hardly eacape allegations of all sorts.

Information being peddled around now is that the Anambra state senator was deeply involved in an alleged NYSC certificate forgery.

According to a document, Stella’s NYSC discharged certificate is still with the comnission while an alleged dodgy one was recently declared missing with an affividavit to back it up. The question is how come you lose a certificate that is acknowleged to be in the custody of NYSC?

As the story was told, just before the woman finished her service, she allegedly abandoned her duty post as she had been exposed to business. Therefore she never bothered to collect the certificate because she was never in need of it to seek employment.

So, few years back when she was to be appointed as a minister, she reasoned to seek for her discharge certificate that was alleged to have been procured for her fraudulently.

According to a source, the former minister was said to have later discovered the foul play which made her to declare all certificates missing, a copy of the affidavit thus submitted to INEC during the last senatorial election.

In a similar report according to wikipedia “She has been involved in numerous controversies ranging from highly inflated purchase of BMW bullet-proof cars without following due process[8] as well as allegations that Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi purportedly lied that about she obtained an MBA degree from St Paul’s College. However, the News website, SaharaReporters, had on Jan 6th 2014 quoted authorities at St. Paul’s College, where Mrs. Oduah claimed she studied for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as saying they did not award her an MBA at any time as the university does not even have a graduate school or graduate programme”

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