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Senator Shehu Sani describes Governor Elrufai as “PDP’s excrement”

Barely a day after All Progressive Congress (APC) suspended Senator Shehu Sani, the Kaduna Central Senatorial District representative and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts, has offensively pounded on Governor NAsiru Elrufaia like a wounded lion.

Sani, without withholding word, took to social media and posted an excoriating message against Elrufai.

The senator, according to the write-up believe the suspension was propagated by governor Elrufai.

“My “Indefinite suspension” by Governor Nasiru Elrufai controlled, Induced and misinformed self acclaimed “APC excos” and the paper it was written upon is as worthless and as useless as the used sanitary pads in the toilets of his family official residence. It’s as valueless as the used tissue papers of his gluttonous and bulging poodles and lackeys.

“I wish to fully assure the bespectacled pygmy and his running dogs that the “new suspension” will not give them the public support they couldn’t gather with the “first suspension”.

“For a man who has been unable to address the pervasive insecurity and genocide in southern Kaduna for a man who has been unable to stem the tide of rampant kidnapping and abductions in Kaduna, “suspending” shehu Sani cannot be counted as an achievement. Mr Governor, My suspension will not increase your physical height nor give you the flesh or muscle of a macho.

“Elrufai remains a typical establishment man, who was brought to limelight by the PDP, nurtured by the PDP. He is a dubious progressive and a bogus representation of change. If Elrufai represent change, then Mabutu, Batista, Kamuzu Banda represent change. Elrufai is a bug, a lice and a parasite to PMB administration.
“His loyalty to PMB is nothing but self serving and self preservation. Elrufai is a foul air to any serious concept of change. Elrufai remains the excrement of the toilets of PDP wadata House and no broom or deodorant of change can give him a new identity.

“We will continue to work for the masses and defend their interest.
However, the suspension letter published by APC reads:
“As you are aware, your suspension from the party for a period of eleven months elapsed today, being November 29, 2016.

“The suspension which was in line with the constitution of our great party, was to enable you to defend yourself against illegalities committed by you against the party as well as breach of its constitution.
“We expected the period of your suspension to give you the grace of being remorseful, but you rather choose to play otherwise, and this made our party to be vulnerable to disunity, disharmony and further shattering the existing peace mechanism within our ward and the state at large.

“Therefore, in consideration of the constitutional provisions as contained in Article 21 (A) i, ii, iii, v, vi, and vii of the constitution of the APC, you are hereby suspended indefinitely from active participation of APC activities.

“This is in conformity with article 21 (D) i-(F) which provides punishment for any erring member of the party.

“With this letter, you are hereby warned to abide by the party’s decision.”

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