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A scenario playing out in the household of Senator Ararume, perhaps, is what Chinua Achebe would have called Things Fall Apart and the centre can no longer hold. This has to do with an on-going battle Senator Ararume is having with his first son, Ifeanyi, over his choice of wife from rather less society family in Ebonyi State. An unimpeachable source revealed that despite the fact that the said wife bore Ifeanyi, a child, the Senator and his wife are alleged to have not been comfortable with the union. As part of sharing their displeasure, it was rumoured sometime that he attempted to offer the wife a pay-off deal just to leave their son alone. Incredible as this many sound, the former governorship aspirant was said to have made everything impossible for the Junior Ifeanyi to run as the Managing Director of the family’s supermarket in Abuja. For instance, Obinna, who was said to have impressed his father with marriage to Abia state governor’s daughter, was strategically positioned as Financial Director with so much power to checkmate Ifeanyi. Not only that, those who attended the wedding of Obinna said Ifeanyi was played to the background. This magazine was told of how he (Ifeanyi) shrugged off all the insults as he clung to his baby and wife throughout the A-Class wedding ceremony. The bone of contention for the politician, according to an insider, was why the senator’s first son should marry from a relatively unknown family. It would be recalled that one of the senator’s children marry the former River State Gov., Odili’s kid, and another to popular Benson family of Lagos. While the home-front has not been too comfortable in recent times, most of the senator’s followers are said to have left in droves. An insider gave an instance by the Senator’s police orderly who had been with him for over eight years, was said to have embanked on fasting and praying before he was transferred and left as a pauper. Severally, when this magazine attempted to speak with the Senator, it met brick-wall as his phone was not answered!


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