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This must be a very shattering blow to former London Big Boy and big spender, Sati Ramoni Salawe, as information reaching us has it that his erstwhile known wife Monica, of Jamaican origin, recently stepped out with a new white lover in England. Sati Ramoni and Monica in the days of yore, when the going was very good for Sati Ramoni in London, were an item, and were always the cynosure of all eyes whenever they stepped out for any event or outing in the city of London and its environs. Then, Sati Ramoni was a big-pocket, on account of his many shady deals that bordered mainly on drugs and money-laundering. But the long arm of the law was soon to catch up with Sati Ramoni, after he was arrested and taken in over trumped-up charges on drug-related offences. After his trial and eventual conviction, he was released last year but had to be repatriated to Nigeria where he has since been living in a shadow of his old self, quite opposite to his former spendthrift life when he was in London. The big story now is that, since Monica his wife was left alone back in London she had to look for a replacement for Sati Ramoni, at least to provide succour both emotionally and financially for her. Pronto, and without minding whether Sati Ramoni’s ox is gored, Monica went for a white lover, whom we gathered she stepped out with gracefully, recently in London, much to the chagrin of those who knew how much Sati Ramoni expended on the Jamaican lady. What we cannot say is how the Lagos-born ex London Big Boy, Sati Ramoni, is taking this new development. In his hey days, Sati Ramoni was the toast of many musicians, who sang his praises to high heavens  after having been sprayed silly with cash in different foreign currencies. Sati Ramoni was also very generous to many Yoruba actors who visited London then, as he was said to have spent lavishly on them, whether male or female. It was however gathered that Sati had secretly got engaged with another woman in Nigeria few months he was deported. The lady according to sources was identified as Ronke Oba.

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