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It is a known fact that the central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido is married with three wives. Unknown to many however is his alleged insatiable appetite for women. Recently the lid was blown open by an online news porter, Premium Times, though it was said that Sanusi’s escapades was like an open secret in the bank. A particular lady being pointed at now is a former colleague of the CBN governor in a commercial bank who he hired as a consultant to the CBN so as to facilitate easy access. The lady is said to be a Cameroonian who has enjoyed a robust relationship with Sanusi over the years. Another prominent lady being pointed at is the head of a government parastatal who recently ran into trouble with the National Assembly over her agency’s activities. The same lady had also been romantically linked with a top government official at the presidential villa. Latest being that the mallam is having extra marital affairs with an Assistant director of the bank, Mariam Yaro, married and mother of two, reports the online news paper. The report alleged that Sanusi and Mrs. Yaro spent the weekend of March 1st to 3rd at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. Mr. Sanusi is also accused of violating of the statutory code of conduct for public office holders such as hiring his girlfriends and mistresses without complying with public service rules. According to the story, Mr. Sanusi arbitrarily hired Mrs. Yaro, without complying with the CBN recruitment policy that stressed, ”all appointments shall be made on the basis of merit, through a fair and open selection process,” Mrs Yaro, they alleged, was hired in July 2012 without adherence to these principles. As they put it, Mrs. Yaro, who was a staff at the National Programme on food Security, an agency under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, was brought into the bank as Assistant Director without ”advert for the vacancy and after a kangaroo interview” But when contacted according to Premium Times, Mr. Sanusi said due process was followed in hiring Mrs. Yaro. He said having worked for years in the ministry of Agric, Mrs. Yaro came highly recommended and qualified for the job for which she was hired. The CBN Governor was also quoted to have said, ”I have known Dr. Yaro since 1981. She was my student in Yola and she later came to ABU Zaria. We have been very good friends but is not why NIRSAL took her. You may wish to check her CV against all the other CVs in NIRSAL. And she did go through an interview process with the NIRSAL CEO making the decision not CBN HR.”As for the personal allegation, this is all strange to me but I have a personal policy of not responding to such allegations since in Nigeria anything can be published on any public officer without proof. I have limited myself to what concerns official allegations and leave you to your God and your conscience on whatever else you want to publish. Thank you for telling me. Though “Mrs. Yaro the online paper said, declined comments when contacted. ”Be careful what you are saying,” She told one of our reporters on the telephone.” I have nothing to comment to you on anything, ”When asked if she would be willing to respond to specific questions about her trips to Lagos to keep a date with Mr. Sanusi, she simply said, ”whatever it is, I don’t know. Will you just let me be?” Despite their denials, the Premium Times investigations claim that Mrs. Yaro and Mr. Sanusi had dated each other for at least six months before she was hired. It was also alleged that Mr. Sanusi repeatedly pestered the human resource department of the bank ordering it to bring Mrs. Yaro’s application to him for approval. And once the file reached his table, the Governor wasted no time in treating it. Mrs. Yaro married Ahmed (or Shuaib,) six years ago after her first husband, Wasiu Yaro Bodinga (then an executive director at the Nigeria Ports Authority) died in the ill-fated ADC plane crash of 2006.

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