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Rotten Immigration Officials At Lagos International Airport

The rate at which immigration officials at the Murtala  Muhammed International Airport are operating through illegal collection of money from passengers is getting very alarming. This is evident in the ensuing story that amplifies the rotten status of Nigerian immigration officials at Nigeria’s foremost   international airport.

In spite of efforts being made by the Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah, and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the extortion and harassment of passengers are still going on at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.
News of the People learnt that security operatives at the central security search of the airport individually and severally fleece ignorant passengers after they had been officially approved to travel by the Nigeria Immigration Service.
For instance, last Wednesday, some women from Ondo State who were travelling in group to Russia, told our reporter that after going through rigorous Immigration processes, they were still asked by officials of Aviation Security (AVSEC) to cough out $100 each before they would be allowed to travel. But luck ran out of the operatives of AVSEC as the women cleverly reported them to a top official of another security agency who insisted that they must refund the money.

Despite of the campaign by Federal Government against extortion, this kind of nefarious activities is still on and many allege officials of Nigerian Immigration Service, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency  (NDLEA) and AVSEC as major culprits.

Investigation by this magazine revealed that immigration officers at the airport particularly target first – time travelers to extort. For instance, a particular incident on 6th September clearly gave them out as a group of extortionists. On this particular day, no fewer than six passengers traveling to South Africa on Arik Air were denied boarding because they could not part with two hundred dollars charged by the immigration officer on duty. An officer identified as O. Ajana played into the hands of our undercover when he requested for $200 from a Lagos traditional ruler before he could allow his daughter to travel. Eventually, the lady missed the flight when she could not part with such an amount. However, when News of the People approached the office of the Immigration Controller at the airport, the story was different. They claimed to have acted in good faith as the passenger in question did not inform them she had one thousand dollars on her as travel allowance. The lady however made another booking with the airline but not without parting with an extra cost before she embarked on the journey. Extortion of passengers is not new to the authorities but they seem helpless as many are yet to be brought to book.
The Director-General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Dr Harold Demuren, recently said urgent action must be taken against security operatives, who extort money from passengers, while passing them through the airport security.
Demuren said   when these security officers solicit for money from the passengers they compromise their professional duties of ensuring that the passengers do not board flights with prohibited materials and in such compromised state could connive with dangerous passengers and breach the security of the airport.

He expressed deep regret that such activities were rampant at MMIA- the nation’s busiest gateway, disclosing that he was a victim of such security personnel who had solicited gifts and money from him, in the past.
Speaking in the same vein, the Deputy Comptroller of Immigration Service, MMIA, Garba Babantalle Abdullahi, had recently indicated interest in putting an

End to the illicit racket of extortion and exploitation of travellers.
He warned that the command would not tolerate any act of indiscipline or misconduct from any of his men in the Command in the discharge of their duties.
We at News of the People wait with keen interest if he can follow this to the letter.

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  1. Hello, My future husband is detained by the Immigration Department at the airport in Lagos Mohamend International Airport. Why do not I get out.
    His name is Hedge Raynor and he should have to fly home on 30-07-2012. Maybe you can help me what is going on. Please, Please
    Inga Erff

  2. I have a friend that supposed to be flying on Friday March 22,2013 that night to comeback here in the US.Suddenly I have a called from the inspector officer that my friend was checked and detain but he said to me was don’t worry he is ok I know that he is innocent.So I feel relax when he said that to me.The next day he called me and said he can’t fly to come back.I said why and he let me talked to my friend and he said they want $5,000 to settle them and they will let my friend friend said this is what happen a guy drop s bag next to my friend then immediately police came to my friend and arrest him because the bag was a drug in it.Can you believe that.Now my friend said the inspector said if he don’t give a $5,000 they want him to bring to court to me was a set up and they say oh well we can’t find this man so my friend want them to charge for drug trafficking.Please can you help me with this kind of operation over there.

  3. My friend name was Richard D Smith he is an American citizen.Please! Please can you all help me out of this.Thank you so much and I will appreciate to all your help.Ana

  4. My fiancé left Mew Mexico and went to Lagos Nigeria Dec 2009 to help build a school. He completed the work in 2011 and he still cannot get away from Nigeria. Each time he has bought a plane ticket and got to the they have stopped him for one thing or another. Immigration stopped him numerous times requiring he has to have a BTA fare to leave. I have talked to the US Embassay as well as the Consultant and was told there is not such thing as a BTA that passengers need to have to leave. Another time it was his taxes, he had to pay taxes of 3000.00 to leave and he did not have it so he was arrested on Christmas Eve 2010.At that time I had bought a ticket to meet him in Colorado on Christmas morning. By the time he paid the taxes his plane ticket expired. Then another time he was stopped for his medical papers not being updated. Causing another delay and his plane ticket expiring. My fiancé has gave Nigeria over 10,000.00 if not more from the beginning because of plane tickets expiring, medical exams, taxes etc. When will Nigeria start treating people as human beings? We all have the same God, so they need to love one another no matter where anyone is from. My fiancé stays at the Peace Hotel in Oyo now and still trying to get home.. Money only lasts so long.

    1. Seriously, can yu get the full name of your fiancee for me and contact details.
      If his stories are true, be sure that he would behelped and embark on his trip
      Thank you

  5. Oh! God this country is getting worst day by day. The same think happen too my brother when he was travelling to India for his studies we are force to pay $100 before they will allow him to pass when we refuse it became a problem we are (treating) of never to pass without paying that money or miss that flight. Now its my turn am travelling to Doha next upper week and am still using the same airport right now I don’t know what to do because I know am going to face the same situation there again. Please I need you help on this. Thanks

  6. Can someone pls advise me what to do ASAP? My fiancé is being detained at the Murtala Mohummed International Airport and his plane ticket expires on Thursday Oct. 30, 2014. They said they are holding him bcz he owes fees for staying in Nigeria too long. He had originally went there to help build a new church, then the pastor he went there with was a fraud and lying to his congregation, so when my fiancé realized what he was doing, he left the church and has been stuck there for nine months. We finally had enough to buy him a plane ticket and they have stopped him from boarding his flight. First they wanted over $4000 and now they want $1200, but I don’t have that kind of money to send. Please help us….thx.

  7. I wish to know if you are detaining a girl by the name of Tracey James. Please e email me back thank you and God blessed you

  8. My friend Michael Mike Johnson and his daughter Precious was detained trying to come back home to America.. could someone find out if he and his daughter is okay.

  9. I am filing a Complaint against the Immigration Officials a Lagos International Airport in Lagos Nigeria. I have a lady that trying to leave Country but she continues asking me for
    Funds. Because Immigration need more Money for BTA Passport and yesterday they took me for $75.00 for gas money to take my Lady to the Airport. I am going to file a Civil Lawsuit against the Immigration Office charging them for stealing

  10. This is a Notice that the Immigration Officials are taking advantage of my Fiance their at the Airport in Lagos Nigeria. They got funds from me to get Gas. And they were suppose to pick her up and take her to the Airport. The Money was picked up this morning via Western Union. My name is Mr. Stephen L. Siva and if Miss Melissa Mcglitton does not leave Imigration will be liable

    1. I am sorry to inform you that you have fallen victim of a scam. The earlier you realise this the better for you

  11. My bf Mark Fallon called me to say something April 9, 2016 that I can’t understand. (And I heard guy took his phone) asked me if I’m marks husband instead saying if im his patner or gf.
    That’s the only I understand from them cos of baf signal here I think. But I heard mark yelling said I’m in jail (while the guy holding his phone). that’s the only last I can hear from him. And they hang up on me. I tried to called his Lagos number but it keep says off. I also confirmed his EK FLIGHT Lagos to dubai that he just do online check in only, but he on their records he didn’t be get on board. Don’t know what to do. I also tried to called different contact number of Lagos international airport to know what’s going on with my bf. Pls help me I need to know what’s going with him or how’s his situation. Pls Thank you in advance.

  12. My boyfriend Rick Bryant was trying to board Air France flight to fly to Paris to come back to the states to leave on 21 November when he got there immigration pulled him aside and asked for $400 he overstayed his visit he already paid for that paid for his ticket paid for a new passport and this is fraud with someone please help him he is in custody of the immigration right now today November 23rd 2016 at the airport Murtala Mohammed Airport

  13. This is a follow up on my step son..After paying all those fee and the ticket,the CROOKS at Abuja Airport asked for another $1000 and it caused a DELAY on my step son..Because my step son was so disappointed and so detest, he wanted to kill himself as a result of Depression..The commissioner had stopped him by putting him to jail..The commissioner didn’t contact me after a week..I asked the commissioner why my stepson has not arrived as I waiting for him? HE said, the CROOKS at the Abuja Airport asked for another $1000..I told the commissioner, why don’t you put those CROOKS in the jail instead of my stepson? The jail is not enough for those CROOKS and CROOKS must be in the swamp or zoo not at the airport..The Corruption is LEGALIZED IN NIGERIA SPECIALLY AT THE AIRPORT AND SHAME ON THOSE HIGH RANKING OFFICIALS AS WELL AS TO ALL CROOKS THERE WHO HAVE HAD A CALLOUS FACE TO DO THIS…

      1. Yes,what else !! But no one dare to put these CROOK to the jail..Even the commissioner can’t put those CROOK in the jail probably he was part of the scheme..

  14. I had an issue at mmia last year an immigration officer ask me to bring my old passport, or I pay &100 to go through, is it compulsory dat I travel with my expired passport along with the present one? Thank you

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