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Renowned Islamic scholar, Zuglool dies @ 80


Renowned preacher and Islamic scholar, Sheikh Mustapha Sanusi Zuglool is dead. He died late Wednesday at the age of 80. He was the founder and Mudeer of Daru-Dawa-Wal Irshad, Isolo, Lagos, one of the leading Islamic/Arabic Studies Centre in the country.

•Sheikh Mustapha Zuglool
His remains were buried yesterday at his madraza,Daru-Dawa-Wal Irshad, Isolo, Lagos. According to a statement from a prominent member of the family, Alhaji Faisal Zuglool, Special fidau prayers will hold tomorrow, Saturday at venue. Since the death occured, his residence has been a mecca of some sort with, eminent Muslims tropping in and out of the area

A giant among the learned is gone—Sheikh Ahmad
His death came as a rude shock but death is inevitable. His death is such a very great loss to the Ummah. By all standard, Sheikh Zuglool was an intellectual giant and when learned people like him dies, the light of the community starts to diminish, then darkness gradually takes over. This is because learned people are the light of the society, they illuminate, spiritually, physically and mentally. So, the death of leaned people like Zuglool is worrisome. It is a great loss to the society, it is not an ordinary death, it is the death of a leaned man; not even an ordinary learned man but a giant among the learned men. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him the best of 
According to the Founder and Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Professor Ishaq Akintola, “He was a great Islamic Scholar, an indefatigable preacher, a mentor primus inter pareil and a humanist par excellence. He stands on the same pedestal as the late Shaykh Adam Al-Ilori.”
A great mentor, stockroom of knowledge— Balogun
The Secretary of Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria, MMPN, Lagos Chapter, Haroon Balogun described late Zuglool as a respected scholar of repute, a stockroom of knowledge, an erudite Historian who contributed tremendously to development of Islam particularly among the youths. Balogun added: “like Sheikh Adam Al Ilori, he mentored a lot of younger Muslims leaving behind enduring legacies for the generation unborn. May Allah forgive him and admit his soul into Aljanah Firdaus.”
Sheikh Abdullah Akinbode
“Baba was a collosus of virtues, citadel of knowledge and and epitome of morality. May Allah be pleased with him.’
Ag Chief Missioner of NASFAT, Sheikh Abdullazeez Onike
“We have lost a scholar! We have lost a scholar!! Sheikh Adam Al Ilori was reported to have said that if Allah asked him what he had done on earth, he would say, he had thought Zuglool Quran and he understood it. That alone is an evidence that Zuglool was a scholar by all standard. Zuglool style of tafsir was unparallel, you will think he was a professor of History. We in NASFAT will never forget him because he kicked-off our Ramadan Tafsir and since it has been wonderful. Indeed, we have lost a great scholar in Nigeria.”

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