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       The upper house of the National Assembly was thrown into utter ecstasy last week when members were inundated with the information that Senator Oluremi Tinubu, wife of former governor of Lagos State and ACN, now APC Chieftain, was touted to have declared herself as the incoming Depute Senate President. The general impression in the National Assembly was that, the first time Senator Wife of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu could have been making the declaration out of excitement, given the new merger of opposition parties that resulted in the All Progressive Congress, APC, and Nigeria’s largest opposition party to PDP. From all indications, Nigerians would be expecting a vibrant opposition in 2015; but how would the mega party be able to accommodate the accompanying divisive tendencies within, particularly for those scheming for top-notch positions? Senator Remi Tinubu’s inordinate ambition implied. Senator Remi Tinubu, no doubt could have been over- joyous, or hyper-excited as it were, for introducing herself as the incoming Deputy Senate President. For one to have such an ambition in the senate, he or she has contest and come back as a senator. As it stands, one cannot become the Deputy Senate President outside the majority party, which produces the Senate Leadership. According to a privileged source from the Senate, “Even with the coming together of all the opposition parties, they are still not the majority in the upper house. Now, the issue of maybe impeaching the DSP and Remi Tinubu becoming the DSP is not even there. if one is alive to witness the next National Assembly, he or she has to contest and win election to come back, and then settle down to see how to produce the majority of senators. That is when she can now present herself as a candidate for DSP. In the outside of this, the female Senator, Remi Tinubu, must have been wallowing in a feat of over excitement which normally comes from a spate of over-ambition; concluded the source. But for now, there is the minority leader, the minority whip, and their deputies in tow, and Remi Tinubu has not said she’s working for any of these slated positions. If she has asked for any of these positions, then a commotion would have propped up because these positions exist for those reserved for. From all indications, what Senator Remi Tinubu is looking at is certainly, and definitely not now. It is a prepared agenda, meant for those who will see beyond 2015 and those Senators that will come back for the second, third, fourth and fifth time. If Alhaji Bola Tinubu, or whoever is positioning Senator Remi Tinubu for this plum post, then they must have a pipe dream, because the constitution and the Rule of Law in the esteemed Senate do not in any way give support to this move. The progressives Congress, APC may have been conceptualized as a big force against the ruling party, but they must, and need to go by the rules.

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