Raymond Impregnates Daughter, Blames It On Loss Of Job

There cannot be a reasonable excuse to watch away the blemish when an immoral act like incest is committed just as the case of a 41 year old man, Raymond Anyanwu, who was recently arrested for reportedly raping his 15 year old daughter.

Raymond Anyanwu
Raymond Anyanwu

The shameless man blamed decadent behavior on his loss of job. He said he indulged in the act that led to impregnating his daughter whenever the mother (his wife) went out.
Raymond confessed that “I started sleeping with my 15-year-old daughter sometime around January, after I lost my job.
“I am a transporter, but I took to alcohol after I lost my job and could not meet up with my responsibilities as the head of the house.”
The victim’s aunt suspected something was amiss and a test was carried out and it was discovered that the girl was pregnant.
The daughter subsequently revealed that her father was responsible for the pregnancy. The wife tried to cover things up as a family matter due to the nature of the situation.
The husband also assaulted her and threatened her not to tell anyone.
The Vanguard reports that the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development alerted the police and the suspect was arrested last Wednesday.
The mother had already arranged for an Abortion for her daughter which had been carried out before she was placed in the protective custody of the Lagos state government.

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