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Radio Lagos of Chaos

fasholaRadio Lagos, an arm of Lagos state broadcasting corporation needs help, and urgently too. Things have gone bad and can only get worse as things are going. Management of the station seems to be clueless of how to address the situation and the only song on their lips is no fund.
It was shocking to learn last week that the station was going off air intermittently as a result of no back up power supply. This magazine was told that all the generators of the corporation have pack-up and the management had to hire one to power the transmitter and the studio. While the radio is being run on a skeletal basis each of the management staff still collect hundred thousand weekly as running cost, while they left the generator unrepaired but to hire.
While the management style may be absurb, staff of the station complained bitterly of how their salaries have become irregular in the last eight months. As at the time of writing this report, none of the staff is yet to collect the November salary.
An observer who spoke to News of the People simply put that nothing good can come out of the station. He recalled how the bottled water arm of the station (Radlag Water) packed up in spite of huge advertisement it enjoyed.
At the moment, once a water producing company now begin for water to clean its rest rooms. What a paradox.
Mosun Usman

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