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President Jonathan’s Aide Supports Marwa Against PDP’s Nyako

The question on the minds of many at the moment is if truly President Goodluck Jonathan is surrounded by friends or enemies. At the last governorship election in Adamawa, a strange scenario played out to the amazement of many observers. A major actor in the scenario was said to be the president’s special adviser on political matters, Ahmed Gulak.

He was alleged to have stormed Adamawa, his home state, officially to support PDP machinery to help Gov. Murtala Nyako. Surprisingly, however, he was alleged to have pitched tent with General Buba Marwa’s camp in a clandestine manner. Evidence was that at the adviser’s unit which is Biri Unit, Marwa’s CPC won the election, hence the N300million he allegedly collected from Nyako for the election was actually directed towards Marwa’s success.

Not many were surprised, because of the popular assertion that Marwa is his (Gulak) benefactor and actually deserves his loyalty any day. It was even rumoured that it was Marwa who facilitated his first appointment with the vice president, while Marwa was in PDP. It was then a payback time for a good boss, which many see as a big sign of betrayal on the presidency. Now, Nyako has won again, what remains of the adviser you may ask!


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