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PRAY FOR ME …Says blind singer Hadassah

aBlind singer songwriter Hadassah who hit the Nigerian music scene is said to face legal battle with the UK home office over her stay in the United Kingdom.
The blind singer who had been a management consultant for many years before her vision began to decline rapidly is desperate to see again using a treatment said to be ground breaking and only available in the United Kingdom. The treatment which is not available anywhere in Nigeria or Africa will enable the management consultant to see again and have her life back but we hear from close friends that the home office say that since there are over a million blind people in Nigeria she should go back home and stay blind!
The devout Christian who is from a strong Christian background is frantic in prayers and is calling on the Christian community to pray for her during this season of lent so she will find favour with the UK home office. Hadassah popularly known as Esther by her closest friends is afraid that if she is removed she would never be able to get this opportunity to see again. We wish her the very best of luck. We shall keep you posted.
The singer Hadassah is calling Nigerians to pray for her as she faces legal battle over her leave to remain in the UK. The singer who fell off the stage during a performance in 2012 at Lagos caught in camera is afraid of not being allowed to continue to live in the UK where she has gone to seek medical attention for her sight. Sources who feel she should be allowed to live in the UK weather she recovers her sight or not because everyone knows how much sufferings disabled people face in Nigeria, are praying with her to be shown kindness by the United Kingdom. It is more humane that she lives there and it is safer and better for her.
She has asked Christians to pray with her during this season of lent so that she can find favorable treatment from the authorities.

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