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My Mission in politics – Ola Kukoyi

 For years now, the name Ola Kukoyi who is popularly known know as MOK has been a recurring decimal in Ogun politics. Today, he is considered as one of the most consistent party member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who in spite of several anti party activities, he remained consistent as a party man. Recently at a political gathering in Ado Ekiti, the property merchant turned politician told News of the People on his mission in politics and the crisis of PDP in Ogun state.

How did you come into politics?

First and foremost, you will agree with me that every man is a political animal. The way and manner we engage in politics is just different and it depends on at what level you are involved in politics. The story of my active involvement actually started sometimes in 2000 when we came together as people of common view under a forum to be actively involved in the providing a better and alternative government to the government of the day at that time. You will also remember that at that time I contested for senate, for House of Representatives and even at local government level. It has been a rewarding experience if you may ask and I don’t see it from point of you win or you lose. To me it is a matter of the fact that you are putting some people on their toes and active in what is going on around you.  This is because history will forgive you for taking a wrong decision but history will not forgive you for not taking a decision at all, apology to our former Head of State.

At a time it was reported that your business especially the property arm was suffering as a result of your venture into politics. Is this true?

In business, there are many things involved and if don’t look at certain circumstances, you may blame the owners and leave out the main issue. If a factory closes down today, could it be the aim of such business executives. Back to your question, it was just a misconception of some mischievous people. The property arm is still intact which is First Capital Property. The UK arm which is Omnium Investment has really gone low because of economic down turn and the property meltdown across Europe. Recently the group also diversified into hospitality which is an indication that we are doing well. Generally business is like a marital situation where you have ups and downs but we thank God not to the point of going bankrupt. My involvement in politics has nothing to do with business as one is personal and the other one is an entity running to put food on my family’s table.

Would you say the journey has been worthwhile?

Yes it has. If not for anything, the experience and my understanding of my area and my people. My interaction has made me understand better the need s of our people and the suffering they are also going through. Generally, these are not the things you can learn in the classroom

What inform your going back to school to study law?

When I aspire to go to the House of Representatives, I asked myself of necessary kill I need to posses to be a good law maker and that primarily informed my decision to go back to school. So enrolled in Holborn Law school where I graduated from Wolverhampton University and later enrolled to University of Dundee in Scotland to study Energy and Mineral Law.

What about the crisis rocking your party in Ogun

There was a crisis, yes. But now there is no more crises because those things that were causing disaffection have been settled at the court and the party is now positioning to be very strong and bigger in Ogun.

I understand you are now Otunba, is that also part of your token from your community

 You have said it all.

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