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Peace Anyiam-Osigwe suffers strange illness – Real reason she bowed out as AMAA CEO

Peace_31-1At the last edition of African Movie Academy Awards held in Yenegoa, Bayelsa state of Nigeria, the CEO, Peace Ayiam-Osigwe announced her intention to step aside as the CEO of the academy after ten years of reign. Other than to attract fresh ideas to run the academy, News of the People reliably gathered that her intention was actually forced by strange health challenges she has been battling for some time.
A reliable source hinted that the lady after a bitter story of collapsed marriage has been going through health challenges, hence her decision to call it quit might just be a wise decision. Peace who enjoys a robust relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan is said to have been struck by a strange illness about three years ago. It was then identified to be vitiligo which has left some parts of her body changing pigmentation. Those who are in the know confirmed her health challenges to this magazine.
A boastful source who is close to her however dismiss the health challenge story as ‘manageable’ saying she is looking forward to a role that would help her make more impact in the creative industry. Some however May not rule out a political appointment with the federal government.
Peace, recently in an interview with a daily newspaper opened up on her crashed marriage with Fiberesima, saying that she walked out of her marriage because she has a desire to tell herself the truth.
Speaking for the first time, after her marriage crashed few years ago in an interview, Peace said even though she still respect and adore her ex-husband till date, she needed to call it quit because “ at a point, we needed to go our separate ways.”
The AMAA boss however refusing to comment further on this issue, muted that walking out of her marriage was the hardest thing she had to do. Her marriage may have crashed as a result of irreconcilable difference between herself and her ex-husband.
“It was one of the hardest things to do at a particular point. I also remember that my dad said that you must put value on yourself and be honest to yourself. You shouldn’t lie to yourself and I think that’s the most important thing. I needed to tell myself the truth.
“Just that at a point, we needed to go our separate ways. I still respect him a lot because he is one of the best directors I know. I think he’s also a damn good photographer.” she muted.
Peace admitted falling in love again. “I did not say I don’t have a boyfriend. I do. And it’s not about hiding him, its just that we decided to have a private relationship”

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