PDP will reconcile but Sheriff men will not go unpunished – Bode George 

Again, those people who have been doing things that are inimical to good order and discipline as far as PDP is concerned, we cannot allow them to go without being queried and, if necessary, punish them because no individual is bigger than the party. So, those are things the party must do, but before we rose from the NEC, there are two major committees that we decided to set up, one of which is the National Disciplinary Committee that will look at those who have continually derided the party. The essence is to signal that there is zero tolerance for indiscipline in the party. The second committee is the Reconciliation Committee. We want to know those who are still committed to the party.
Those who left because of the complaint of impunity in the party, we will be too happy to have them back in the party.
How true is the claim that those loyal to the Modu Ali Sheriff-led PDP are planning to leave for a mega party?
They fought us. If they are genuine members of the party, they will not leave. Immediately we left the Supreme Court, the first comment made by Senator Makarfi was that there was ‘no victor and no vanquished.’ That is an olive branch sent to them. The choice to come or leave is theirs and if they cannot be convinced to stay, what can we do? If we had lost at the Court of Appeal, I am sure they would have expelled all of us. I wouldn’t have waited for expulsion anyway. I would have announced retirement from politics right at the door steps of the Supreme Court that day, but I am glad that justice has been done and God is with us.
Those who want to go to a mega party, I wish them best of luck. We know we have the capacity, we have a constitution and we have a deep and strong taproot that can withstand any storm.
This is a lesson for us, we must never forget what we went through; if we repeat the mistakes of the past, we will be consigned into the dustbin of history.
After the Supreme Court judgement, Mr Segun Adewale, who led the Sheriff group in the PDP in Lagos, insisted that he remained the state Chairman of the party.
I don’t know how long he has been in the party or if he has read the party’s constitution. His pronouncement is totally against the decisions made by the National Executive Committee.
My advice to him, if he still wants to remain in the party, is to read the communique issued by the NEC. He is flouting the orders of NEC and already committing an offense listed in the constitution of the party.
He was never elected at any congress; he was nominated and appointed by Sheriff. I don’t know which PDP appoints people rather than elect through congress. The NEC has approved that the Lagos State exco is headed by Moshood Salvador.
I am advising him as a veteran that he should not bite the fingers that fed him. I will advise him to move away from the precipice, come back home and put on his thinking cap. Any action, public or private, that runs contrary to our constitution will be viewed with seriousness. The press conference he did is an offense.

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