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Preisdent Jonathan displays energy saving bulb

When Nigeria’s sitting president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, inaugurated recently the novel ‘Energy-saving-bulb’, not many suspected that it was a project planned, hatched and executed by his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, but perfectly coded and well-concealed, except for the few handful close allies who can never spill the beans. News of the People can however tell you from the grapevine that the grandiose project is a tightly packaged money-spinning venture of the very influential and powerful First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

Quite interestingly, as if the project was a federal government initiative, it was inaugurated officially at the last Federal Executive Council Meeting at the Council Chambers of the Presidential villa on Wednesday, 30, May 2012 to be precise, in the full glare and compliment of the executive cabinet, some of whom may not have an inkling of the grand cover-up.

Be all these as they may, it can be given to you at no cost that the grand design and scheming of the whole project was commenced about two years ago, as you will fathom from the following .

We gathered exclusively that about a year ago, the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan embarked on a journey to Lebanon, which was erroneously publicized as Dubai in the UAE to purchase usually expensive jewelry and other assorted adornments. She was, as usual, accompanied on the expensive trip by Hajia Bola shagaya, her widely-acclaimed glorified maid . Then, it was reported by this same magazine, News of the People, that they had actually gone to perfect a deal relating to the now well-applauded energy-saving bulb, which was to come in form of a collaboration with the bulb manufacturing company in Beirut, Lebanon.

Indeed, Dame Patience Jonathan in company with her stooge, Bola Sagaya, acquired the factory as planned in their return, and have subsequently commenced production of the energy saving bulb; a deal which was set to commence with the acquisition of six billion such bulbs to come to Nigeria, all with exclusive import duty waiver, on the frivolous excuse that by the very name and nature of the product, it has a wattage reduction capacity by half. In order words, an original 60 waltz bulb, if expressed in the energy-saving bulb context will be functioning at any average of 30 waltz. That was the underground story making the rounds then which was either dismissed by some or eased away with time.

However, with the recent inauguration of the energy-saving bulb by the President himself, amidst cheers and admiration test week, he may have just confirmed the fear of many as to what picture was being painted then concerning the ownership of the company, which at a time Hajia Bola Shagaya was being heavily touted to be the arrow-head and initiator of the unprecedented energy-saving bulb concept in Nigeria. Now the lid has been blown as the very enthusiastic role the president played during the inauguration of the energy-saving bulb which was performed amidst pomp by the President as if it was a ground-breaking feat.

A social commentator and former Federal Lawmaker, Dino Melaiye, even condemned in very unambiguous words saying the task of inaugurating such venture should not be a big deal to the president, let alone his Minister of Power, Professor Barth Nnaji, whose remark at the inauguration were not that detailed enough to show that he was not fully in the know of the entire design neatly carried out by Dame Patience Jonathan and her cronies.

At least, Nigerians and Nigeria can now boast of this new technology, even if its veracity and authenticity is yet to be fully ascertained.



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