By Tunde Oshinibosi LaFace

The Nigerian syndrome of illegality gets stranger every day the most recent being the arrest of a young musician arrested for wearing a tatoo and was later shot and died mysteriously while in police custody.
So many versions of the story are making the rounds but it should not have happened in the first place.

It has become imperative to ask the begging question, Is Tatoo illegal in Nigeria?

A lot of young people male and female are being arrested in Nigeria every day for funny reasons the latest trend being tatoos it simple shows that our police force are not busy enough considering the many challenges facing Nigeria as a nation presently such as kidnapping, banditary, boko haram, herdsmen clashes just to name a few.
Yes the young man was arrested in Sango area yet there are so many rich kids clad in tatoos on the Island and across the country begging to be arrested for heavens sake when did been poor and wearing a tatoo become an offence in Nigeria
How does wearing a tatoo become an offence as tatoo is simply a work of art that is administered by choice for different reasons personal to the individual in question.
Some people have loved ones names tattooed on there body even the name of their pets.
Tatoo signifies glamour and trend in the entertainment industry most people in the entertainment industry have one tatoo or the other so for a young entertainer to be arrested for wearing a tatoo begs for answers
History also shows us that tatoos have been in existence during the slave trade were the slave masters mark there slaves family’s have also used tatoos for traditional identification purposes similar to tribal marks there are many people who have not stepped out of our shores but have tatoos from birth what do you do in that case arrest them for the traditional actions of there parents
This funny trend of arresting people for wearing tatoos must stop unless of course we are in a gestapo nation were individual policemen create there own laws
I believe investigations should lead to arrest not visevisa
Tatoo is a personal choice…yes you might no like it but hey its a free world and as long as our beloved country Nigeria is an integral nation in this free world it should remain personal and if the reverse is the case the nation will appreciate a government pronouncement to that effect
Yes I understand a whole lot of things are happening in Nigeria today but arresting people for tatoos will definitely make us a laughing stock amongst the community of developing nations this is the 21st century for crying out loud!!!

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