Onyeka Owenu in show of power


According to a Yoruba proverb, which says people always show their real character when they attain position of power, influence and authority. This above proverb can best describe the attitude of the Elegan Stallion, Onyeka Owenu, the newly appointed Director General, DG,of National Centre for Human Development, NCHD, who was accused of harassing and molesting a businesswoman.

According to a petition signed by Mrs. Olajoke Adesipe to Inspector General of Police, M.D Abubakar and made available to press. “On January 21st, 2014, I heard the DG might likely eject me even when my rent is still valid. On the 28th of January the rumour indeed became a reality; I was served a letter to vacate the premises within three days”. She went further, “Another letter was served on me February 4th, in which NCHD threatened to go to court, I then wrote a letter to Owenu on February 6th and also sent her a text message three days later seeking an audience, she replied by fixing an appointment with me for the following day. At the meeting with her management staff she pleaded with me to vacate the shop with a promise that l will be relocated to shopping complex within the premises and l did told her l will vacate the shop on one condition, that an allocation letter be given to me. Because may be she knew she won’t fulfill her promise she refused to give me the allocation letter”.

Adesipe said on February 13 she received a call from the musician turned politician on why she has refused to pack out of the shop. She further narrated, “On February 14 th, Onyeka Owenu in company of some security personnel forced open my shop threw my wares outside, when l was taking picture of their activities with my phone she directed them to confiscate my phone, when l did not release the phone she further told them to beat me up, l was then beaten and dragged on the ground, with my cloth and bag torn”.

When contacted Mohammed Suleiman, Legal Adviser to NCHD said he was not aware if the DG ordered her to be beaten. “Mrs. Adesipe was not a legal tenant of the Centre, she only occupied a part of the auditorium, which was not legally allocated, though she paid #100,000 to the management of the hotel in charge of the hall. The DG simply instructed her to relocate to another shop because President Goodluck Jonathan was visiting on February 14th”.

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  1. It is pertinent to hear such a thing especially when Onyeka Onwenu is known globally for standing up for the right of the defenseless woman and child, how she could now turn around to barter a woman all in the name of exercising her office right is disdaining. She could have sent a unit responsible for that instead of going in person with some security personnel and shamelessly watching as a fellow-woman was being beaten on her orders…….Power they say corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely if not managed properly.

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