OLYMPIC FALLOUT: Chairman Sports Committee, GODFREY GAIYA, Harassed Over Sex Scandal At Marriot Hotel, London

Although the London Olympics has come and gone, yet the memory of the country’s poor outing without a medal still lingers on in people’s mind. The other astonishing story coming from London, however indicates that while Nigerian athletes were busy competing for medals at the Olympics, the Chairman House Committee On Sports, Hon. Godfrey Ali Gaiya was allegedly busy enjoying himself at the prestigious Marriot Hotel, where he lodged. Sources say they are sure that the honourable did not attend any of the sports events, but rather, got himself soaked in his hotel room, enjoying a five star lifestyle. Hon. Gaiya, who represents Jaba/Zangon Kataf Federal constituency of Kaduna state in the Federal House of Reps, was said to have attracted a big attention to himself when he was about to check out of the hotel. This is because the hotel management had requested that the honourable should settle his total bills before he could be allowed to go. At this stage, a very competent source told this magazine that the honourable threw caution to the wind, insisting that the hotel was trying to play a fast one on him. While the hotel was restrained not to embarrass him with the disclosure of his bill, the action of Hon. Gaiya had already attracted attention of busy bodies and concerned Nigerians.

At a stage, when the hotel could not withstand the honourable’s drama, it was disclosed that while the honourable was in his room, he was busy watching pornography channels that were considered premium channels with premium charges. At this stage, many were shocked and embarrassed that while Nigerian athletes were busy trying to do the country proud, the honourable was busy watching adult films in his hotel room.

Grudgingly, the honourable admitted watching the channels and was made to pay about two hundred and forty pounds sterling, (£240).

When the honourable was contacted, he neither picked his phone nor responded to the short message (text) sent to his phone.

Mosun Usman

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  1. My oh my. This man is useless. And he has been going around talking nonsense. Imagine, what a useless legislator. Going around to make noise, yet watching porno in London!

  2. What a shame. These are the kinds of people making laws for Nigeria. To think that this is somebody’s father!

  3. Unfounded is the word for both the writer and the publisher who were neither there nor have their facts right. Its a shame when journalist are paid to become blackmailing agents and image assassins. What is premium channel? does it indicate pornography? This shows the junks your production is made of.

  4. This is sponsored and tutored. This is creamed with bias and tainted with falsehood. I was in London, I witnessed the scene and must confess that what this writer has just painted here has the handwriting of enemies of Gaiya and the foot print of egg heads in the apex sports body in the country who want to cover their misdeeds in London with such little distractions that will make ignorant Nigerians shift blames without a second thought.
    The money mentioned was to be paid by the National Sports Commission who invited Gaiya and other top Government functionaries to the Games as part of their oversight function. Secondly, the total amount here is 75pounds which the honourable paid as against the charges of 115pounds earlier presented by the hotel not 240 pounds as we are made to believe by this writer who cannot substantiate his story with facts and pictures of whatever transpired.
    On the issue of pornography movies on the premium channel, this writer misled us by coining it into a story with an headline that does not portray the body. If you had this on your fact sheet you would have started with it as your lead but your story shows it was an after thought that crept in while this evil idea was being put together.
    The event took place on the day of the opening ceremony when the honorable and other colleagues of his were at the stadium watching the showpiece opening only to discover later that charges were made in absentia. I have details of his five days stay in the UK and can provide if contacted.
    Mosun please check your facts next time and don’t allow yourself to be used as a tool of cheap mischief and blackmail.

  5. @Adewale, you have just confirmed the story unwittingly. This is serious. So it is true that the Honourable spent all his time watching blue films in his hotel room and refused to pay? This is immoral! He should keep shut and address the issue. And to think this man often wears an holier that thou attitude! Shame Gaya, Shame!

  6. I paid attention to this story because of the way Gaya has been carrying himself. Then to imagine he was watching porno in a London hotel and perhaps engaging in self service. I pity him, yet he is coming here to raise conspiracy theories through proxies. Mr. Gaya hide your head in shame!

  7. Very funny! So Mr Porno can talk back? Hmmm. This country is really going to the dogs. If not by now Mr Dishonourable should his head in shame. Pls Mosun, expose him more.

  8. Y do we need all dat clarification Mr. Ajayi. Please our public officials should save us from their nonsense. In other countries, when u r contacted by a journalist especially with false claims u shd talk to the press and exonerate themselves. Btw how does oversight function involve going for opening ceremony. Since u are so transparent, we dare you to provide the scanned receipt of the Honourable bill make we as Nigerians exonerate him and put to shame the enemies who have a hand in plotting his downfall.

  9. I was also in London and witnessed the drama from a distance. the guy was actually embarrassed for watching porno in his hotel room cos he didn’t want to pay when he was first confronted. Even one of the Nigerians working in the hotel was really embarrassed that a lawmaker from Nigeria came to London to shame Nigeria when other countries were winning medals and Nigeria had no medal. But I’m surprised how this gist got back home to Naija.

  10. Mr. Gaiya is a typical Nigerian leader depicting to the English, Nigerian leadership style. What else do you expect him to do when millions are in his disposal? That serves us right. We elect our leaders for their money and not for their modesty.


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