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OIL BARON’S WIFE, TOYIN NDIOMU IN SIZZLING LOVE TRIANGLE: *How Relationship with Kodjo Annan Destroyed Her First Marriage

Toyin, the amiable and delectable wife of Delta state born oil and gas baron, Dr Patrick DenyefaNdiomu, is allegedly caught in a steamy love triangle- she’s still married to the mega-biz player and also romancing a young hunk, ChigboNdukwe, who runs the controversial Jordan Ministries, on the side!

And, Patrick, the spirit behind the multi-billion dollar South Field Gas and Power Limited, is not happy to be sharing his 40 year old gorgeous wife with Pastor Ndukwe. And, he’s neither too pleased about his wife’s presence in Jordan Ministries.

About 7 months back, CELEBGLITZ can reveal that, Patrick, whose late father, General Charles Ndiomu, was one of the respected army generals that Nigeria has produced, was so angered by the manner of relationship that existed between his wife and the UK trained pilot turned clergy [Ndukwe], that he practically had the pastor detained for 5 days at Area F police headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos.

And, sometime last year, ChigboNdukwe was alleged to have absconded with Toyin to Kenya in the name of church retreat. The lovebirds are said to have spent 7days in the tourist friendly east African country. On their return, the pastor was arrested and arraigned at Ikeja Magistrate Court, for abducting another man’s wife.

Despite the arraignmentof Ndukwe, the alleged torrid affair between Toyin and the pastor failed to withered or waned, as the billionaire’s wife eventually abandoned his matrimonial home. And, Toyin’s mother became so worried about her daughter’s seemingly shameless behaviour and that of the sanctity of her marriage to Ndiomu, that she bitterly complained that since her second child joined the ‘occult church’ of pastor Ndukwe, her life has been the same. ‘’she’s now distant from the entire family to the extent that she now addresses me by name and not mummy’’ the worried mum had said.

Although, ChigboNdukwe has denied repeatedly that he’s having affair with Toyin. He however said that ‘’the main issue is that Toyin’s mother wants her to remain with her husband. They wanted me to encourage her to go back to her husband [Patrick], but, I did not, because God did not instruct me to do that’’ He further claimed that Toyin is a victim of domestic violence.

CELEBGLITZ however gathered that Chigbo has been infatuated with Toyinfor quite some time. He’s always considered the ideal beauty’’ Jordan church insider quipped. The same source also alleged that the union between Dr.Ndiomu and Toyin, whose naval officer father was murdered on the streets of Lagos, during the reign of the late maximum ruler, has been marked by turmoil and frequent fighting.

However, on Saturday, January 12, 2013, the patience hitherto exhibited by Dr Patrick Ndiomu, whose company, South Field Gas and Power Limited, is behind the multi-million dollar Utorogu and Oben Gas Processing Plants in Delta and Edo state, along with his mum in-law, who vehemently believed that her daughter had been seriously brainwashed by Pastor Ndukwe, got to a head and it was promptly halted.

On this particular day, Toyin was celebrating her 40th birthday with friends and admirers, when some heavily armed soldiers led by her estranged hubby stormed the Ikeja GRA [Lagos] venue of the party and abducted her.

CELEBGLITZ can reveal that Toyin oblivious of what fate had in stock for her, was partying and grooving at number 25, Joel Ogunnaike street, Ikeja, when her husband in company of her mother, some armed soldiers and two other women, of which one of them is known to be the owner of a leading confectionary company in Nigeria, stormed the party and kidnapped Toyin in commando-like operation. And, few hours later on the same day, she was forcefully checked into a psycho ward at Gbaja Street, Surulere in Lagos.

CELBEGLITZ investigations revealed that Toyin’s first marriage to Mr LanreSarumi, which was consummated amidst pomp and pageantry, collapsed few months after the duo took the wedding vow. The holy wedlock which produced a child was eventually butchered on the altar of counter allegations of infidelity. While Toyin hit the roof over the list of women that Lanre had cheated with, the former husband also accusedToyin of having had extra marital affair with Kodjo Annan, the son of former Secretary-General of the United Nations [UN]

Toyin, who is allegedly known as IfeanyichukwuNdukwe among the Jordan Ministries parishioners was said to have been diagnosedby DrFari, the Medical Director of the Surulere based psychiatric hospital of suffering from ‘’delusional thinking, schizophrenia and [that] she exhibits paranoia towards members of her kith and kin’’

Insiders told CELEBGLITZ that Dr Patrick DenyefaNdiomu, a very closed pal of ex-governor James Ibori, who also co-owned the popular Browen Energy Trading [UK] Limited, is now vigorously trying to re-engineer the love-chemistry that hitherto reigned between him and the mother of his child, who he wedded amidst love, mutual respect and understanding.

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