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Ogun Govt. Boils: Governor Amosun under fire, deputy in sex scandal

The announcement of the Ogun State Government a few days back that the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State a.k.a. TASUED has been scrapped due to the fact that the institution, according to Mr. John Olusegun Odubela, Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, has lost its primary objective of training teachers as only 40% of the students are offering education-related courses. The Amosun’s decision to scrap this renowned college, upgraded to a university standard by past administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, was based on recommendations of a panel set up by him to find ways of improving the standard of education. This decision, however elicited protests from a section of the students who stormed the Ogun State Press Centre a day after the pronouncement to register their anger. One of the spoke-persons to the students,  Mr. Oyekanmi Abdullahi said that since the institution is a special university to train professional teachers, it should be retained. Well, News of the People went into town and spoke with a few of the sons and daughters of the soil, majority of whom said Gov. Ibikunle Amosun’s decisions on the leadership of the State in recent times, have not been too pleasant to the people that voted him in. They allegedly said that his latest action effort is to discredit the good work of OGD and it’s too vindictive. In a vox pop via social networking device, BBM, we bring too you reactions from different fora:

One of the greatest mistakes made by ACN and Ogun State people is by giving Sen. Ibikunle Amosun their mandate in 2011 gubernatorial election. Amosun, who is an offshoot of PDP, and extremist in terms of ideas and reasoning, is bound to be doomed soon. I’ve been noticing him right from the time he had been romancing Obasanjo, the core Egba man, with Egba syndrome of marginalisation of other tribes in the State, and who is so devoted to development of Egba than Ogun State. Egbas, sorry for this. And you Amosun, you have inherited these problems of envy, jealousy, unforgiving spirit and marginalisation from Obasanjo and Osoba respectively. Let me tell you this, it’s not possible for you to erase every bit of OGD’s achievements, you can only eliminate the bad ones he left behind. Good achievement like TASUED, the premier university of education in Nigeria, second in the continent, eighth in the world and the fastest-growing Nigerian university in seven years can not be merged with Olabisi Onabanjo University that has since lost its educational values over the years. We TASUED Alumni call on Amosun for amount rethink of mind and brain before we storm Ogun State. And to Hon. Remmy Hassan, posterity will never forget you if this happens during your reign as the honourable representing Odogbolu state constituency.
It is so sad. I was on phone till 2.00am this morning. People all over the world are condemning this barbaric act. It’s not only in Ogun East that you haven’t seen any sign of Government, but  Amosun’s Ogun West is worse. Even in Central, what has he done other than his homestead’s road that is being dualised at a ridiculous amount and time? Ogun State is in a “war” situation and we should treat it as such. It is worse than Boko Haram. Boko Haram only kills today, Amosun is killing both today and future. I am sure no right-thinking person will support him. This is even not about OGD; because I’m sure OGD is not bearing kids again that will attend schools in Ogun State. This is an onslaught and an attack on the people of Ogun State. Well-meaning people of the Gateway State should rise up to fight this modern day Hitler. He is worse than Emperor Bokassa of Central African Republic. The people of Ethiopia never had it this bad under Emperor Haile Sellasie! The time to act is now. We won’t wait till 2015 before we remove this tyrant. If we don’t stand up and fight now, God will do it by Himself. He has done it before. Abacha played God and the wrath of God descended on him.
-Raheem Ajayi.
What do you think of a man spending 1.8 Billion on exercise books for the primary schools, not text books oh and running off to the media to broadcast his ignorance? He who laughs last laughs best.
This is not the best around this time, instead Sen. Amosun should try and build on good projects that OGD has started for continuity sake. He should take a cue from Lagos. Hmmm! When will all these bad belles stop among us. (Yoruba R’onu wo!)
– Bukky Soyemi.
I am a Yewa man and I have said it times without number, injustice will only breed injustice, we were robbed of our right to rule, but as decent people of Oduduwa descendants, we kept mute, now the ball is playing on those that kicked against it. Ogun state will survive all of them, but one day ,the hen will go -home to roost. It’s well my people.

 -Abimbola AM
The recent developments in Ogun State, both in the PDP, and with the Amosun’s government’s decisions on the TASUED and other higher institutions are an indirect justification of the uncommon high level competence and capability that was deployed during OGD’s tenure that effectively and deftly managed the differing usually contending issues and groups as well as giving sterling service and creating landmarks and legacies. The fundamental principle that evil plots, machinations and actions cannot eternally triumph over excellence and goodwill is quickly coming into play. The ‘rikisi and ote’ that was engineered and led by expired leaders are just scattering their fold. The ‘change’ people voted for is becoming a ‘curse’. The people deserve the leadership they get. And they must bear the outcome of their unfortunate decisions or rise up to recognise their misjudgement and toe the path of principled driven development.
-Kehinde Sogunle.
To put the record straight, Ijebus are slaves in Ogun State, that is why you have them living in Lagos and Ibadan. They don’t like themselves and they are people with bad belles. What Amosun is doing is to put education in a rightful place that it is supposed to be, but due to lack of proper education among Ijebus, they lack vision to see good things comming their way. As a typical Ijebu man, the OGD tenure and legacy was fraud, corruption and greed. I’m an Egba man, tell all Ijebus to return to where they belong, Lagos and Ibadan.
– Raheemat Adegbite.
Reheemot,I think you should go back home and ask your parents or elders in your home that who are the real slaves and they will tell you that the slaves are the Egba people and you should mind how you talk because he who lives in a glass house doesn’t throw stones
Miss or Mrs Raheemat Adegbite, it’s a shame that a person of your calibre could come all out to attack a kingdom that had existed long before the emergence of your  ancestors due to the actions or inactions of a selected few. You are rude, disrespectful, bereft of courtesy, and I’m sure you are a divorcee. Please have respect for argument, and shun sentiments.
I’m not an Ijebu man and I’m not speaking on their behalf, but obviously the last time I checked, the number of graduates in Ijebu land is more than that in the whole of Egbaland. Their industrious and hard-working nature took the Ijebus to those places and states mentioned above. Moving on: I see your statement that Amosun is trying to put education in its right place as an attempt to play the sentimental game. Let’s face it, Amosun is doing more damage than good at the helm of Ogun affairs and the mandate given to him is proving to be a mistake. He’s an unwanted pregnancy that ought to be terminated and we shall do that at the poll in 2015 Insha Allah.
– Adeleke Adeotan.
Even in a state (not geo-political zone), we still fine embers of ethnicity. Will we ever outgrow this? We have these questions to ask! Would we rather have many badly-funded schools, when we can have them merged together with proper funding and management (synergy)? Is it about how many and not how viable? We have the first and third institution (Yabatech) in Nigeria and Africa. What’s its world ranking in terms of being among the best?
-Yemisi Akinkunmi
It is amazing that so many people fail to see the big picture and judge people, based on the silly notion of tribe. Egbas, Ijebus, Ibos and the likes, why do you fail to recognise you all fought to win your independence together? Until those values are regained and the mindset is restored, Nigeria or any country like it, will never move forward.
We must first of all appreciate ourselves as one Nigerian; the issue of Egba, Ijebus will be meaningless without unity for progress. We need to amend our differences to forge ahead. The Obama family is less than 50 years in America but today one of them is the president of the great nation. Please reason with that.
Truth be told, Sen. Amosun is the worst of all ACN governors. You cannot point to anything he has done except for his cap. I heard from a reliable source that he is still paying the huge debt incurred during his campaign.
-Olori Tima.
I am at a loss at this people’s rant. How many of you attended these schools? They are grossly underfunded. From my 100 level to 500 level, there was no semester we did not go on strike for at least two months. I attended Olabisi Onabanjo University and I know as a matter of fact that Ogun State cannot manage OOU alone, not to talk of all other mushroom institutions. If you don’t know about these institutions, please stop propagating falsehood. The head of the panel that recommended the action was an HOD of Public Law at OOU and I’m very sure that this is the best decision this administration has taken. We should start giving quality education and not quantity.
Julius, you have spoken well.
People have linked this merging to politics, and this is one of the reasons why the state is still not performing.
I remember sending an article to Punch for publication when this issue of merging came up.
I wasn’t surprised when I heard about the merging. I saw it coming, and I am sure Punch still has that article.
There’s really nothing wrong creating universities in a state, but when the funding isn’t guaranteed why go into it?
Personally, until proven otherwise, and without sentiments, I think the merging is the best thing that can happen to these institutions.
Let’s look at it analytically, not all the courses in TASUED are accredited.
Whereas OOU got their accreditations already.
Instead of wasting precious money and other resources fighting for all that, the money can be channeled into the merged institutions and we are on our way to building our own Harvard.
On the side of the students, I am sure they are happy.
It’s a face lift,and we should embrace it.
I won’t hesitate to blame the Sen. Ibikunle Amosun-led administration in his moves to collect missionaries secondary schools from the churches.
It saddened my heart that for the first time in Ogun state, secondary school students went home without writing exams.
He should allow the missionaries run the schools, and concentrate on the Government Secondary schools, just the way he wants to concentrate on the higher institution.
God bless Nigeria.
I think we should lay sentiments aside and focus on objectivity. What’s the sense in having glorified secondary schools called universities, the decision to merge TASUED was recommended by a University Don that understands what it means to  have a standard education. To the students, it’s just moving the Faculty of Education to TASUED and the principal officers be given other responsibilities in government.
That’s the problem we have in Nigeria. Continuity, implementation and enforcement of policies. When are we going to rise above these issues? One government comes in, overturns the previous government’s policies and then we are back to square one. That’s why we have so many uncompleted projects, apart from the fraud involved in it. It’s really pathetic. I think  there should be a policy in place that states that if another government takes over from the previous one, he should continue from where the latter stopped and implement new ones,  that will move the country and states forward. Even in Lagos, the state government is having issues implementing its policies, take for example the helmet-wearing of Okada riders, the banning of Okada on the main bridges etc. all these tussles between Ijebu and Egba can’t move Ogun State forward,I’m not from Ogun State and I’m not even a fan of OGD but I think  he did better than Amosun holistically.
Amosun should borrow a leaf from what Godswill Akpabio has been doing in Akwa Ibom State. He completed projects initiatiated by his predecessor such as airport, power plant etc. He has also initiated new projects too and completed some. Little wonder that he is attracting accolades from far and near. Continuity is in the best interest of the people that voted politicians into office. Self-serving policy reversals should be condemned by all. Essien.

 Deputy Governor Impregnates LASU Undergrad

Prince Segun Adesegun, the Randy Deputy Governor of Ogun State

If what is filtering into this magazine is anything to go by, then Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s deputy must be worrying his head over a scandalous and shameful act he committed sometime ago. According to a reliable source, the Ogun State Deputy Governor, Prince Segun Adesegun, is neck-deep in a sex scandal involving a 19year-old undergraduate of the Lagos State University, (LASU), names withheld, who is now alleged to be five months pregnant for him.

According to an on-line publication, the romance between the Deputy Governor, who is married with kids, and the undergraduate, began some months ago, shortly after a trip by the girl to Abeokuta,  to pick up rents from tenants in her father’s house.

The girl, who said she did not want her name published revealed in the publication that on that fateful day, one Mr. Fajimi, an aide to the Deputy Governor, picked her up from her dad’s house to the Deputy Governor.

The skinny lady said she had briefed some members of her family who are poised for a showdown, Mr Fajimi told her his boss fancied her and would want to see her.

She also said that when Fajimi continued to pressure her, she told him she was cash strapped and explained her trip to Abeokuta which was to get   some extra cash from her dad’s tenants to make up for the shortfall in her school fees, which was in excess of N200,000.

The LASU undergraduate, who disclosed that she had already contacted a lawyer and the police continued, “I later agreed to meet him. Mr. Fajimi took me to him, and told me he (Adesegun) would take care of my needs. At that time I had not been able to raise enough money since the Lagos State Government just hiked tuition in my school, (LASU), to over N200,000. The Deputy Governor promised to take care of my fees, and even marry me, and he was very nice initially”

She continued, “he allowed me to stay at his guest house regularly. I agreed because he said he would help me and assured me he would marry me. But he did not give me a kobo. At a point Mr. Fajimi said he would send me N40,000 but nothing, I just trusted him”

Having swallowed the Deputy Governor’s marriage bait; hook, line and sinker, the gullible lady gave in wholeheartedly and cared no more about immediate gains from the Ogun State number two man.

We gathered further that on September 24, 2011, she got another late night call from the Deputy Governor. In spite of persuasions from her friends who maintained it was too late to ply the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, especially as it involved going to meet a man who would certainly not raise an eyebrow should any harm befall her; but she left, never wanting to disappoint her new-found love.

But to her chagrin, when she arrived the guest house in Abeokuta, his aides told her the boss would not be around for the night.

The girl however alleged “ I didn’t see him that night as he never bothered to let me know that his wife and family had joined him in the now completed Governor’s Lodge. I was left at the Guest House with his aides who took care of my needs till the morning of September 25, when the Deputy Governor hurriedly came into the room.”

Thereafter, he allegedly headed for a meeting at an unknown destination, promising to give her an undisclosed sum the following Thursday. That was the last time Prince Segun Adesegun allowed his LASU mistress near him or the Governor’s Lodge. He deliberately stopped answering her calls when the poor girl told him she had noticed changes in her body since the last time they met.

The undergraduate said she fell terribly sick and medical tests thereafter confirmed she was pregnant.  Asked she they engaged in unprotected sex, she said“ I trusted Prince Segun’s status and believed the man was capable of taking care of any outcome, “ even as his second wife.

According to her, all   efforts to reach the Deputy Governor proved abortive as he kept referring her calls to his aide, Mr. Fajimi, who in turn severally put her on hold with curious excuses.

Mr. Fajimi, she alleged, assured her that his boss would take care of her needs, but expected her to exercise patience while the Deputy Governor attended to the ‘more important business of governance.’

After three months of waiting and with her pregnancy now visible, depressed and frustrated, she decided to send  text messages to him threatening to speak to his wife and the press about her predicament should he maintain his silence.

According to her “when I threatened to go to the media and tell his wife, he sent a paltry N10, 000 (Ten Thousand naira) to me through one of his men called Taiwo. Taiwo said I should use it to offset some medical bills and that arrangements were underway by his boss to ‘pay me off’ – a statement that was not quite clear to me, at that time “

It was further learnt that soon after she got the N10, 000.00, Taiwo’s mobile number 08022308059 went blank and has remained unreachable till the time you are reading this report.

In order to conceal her condition from her hypertensive father, while pressure was being mounted on the Deputy Governor to come up with his plan for her, which borders on paying her off or performing her marriage rites, the now confused lady was allegedly smuggled out from their Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, home to somewhere around FESTAC, Lagos.

She, however, maintained she would have terminated the pregnancy earlier if she had the premonition that the Deputy Governor’s mission was just to use her for his immediate sexual pleasure and dump her.

The girl, who is now about five months gone said  she has already spoken to the police and a lawyer in Abeokuta who agreed to accompany her with her parents to meet the Deputy Governor at his Lodge should the man maintain his stance of not wanting to speak with or see her over the matter.

She, however, said her Uncle is expected from Ibadan on Sunday, February 12, who would create the enabling environment to break the ugly news to her father before their planned visit to the Deputy Governor.

But the pregnant teenager fears her life may not be the same again after going through so much pains and rejection from a man she had believed was honorable and reliable. She is now sick, dejected and deeply worried she might lose her pregnancy after all, if not her life.

Asked why she wants her story to go public before their visit to Abeokuta, she maintained she chose to let the Nigerian public know, just in case anything happens to her or her family. At the time of filing this report, nothing has been heard from the Deputy Governor’s side, either through him or his aides. The Governor of the state, Ibikunle Amosun himself, is still in the eye of the storm over the controversial scrapping of TASUED. It’s really a trying time for the duo.





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