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Odega Shawa Releases Biafra Manifesto

Why is Biafra a beautiful dream to some, an imperative hope to some and an ugly, hateful and hopeless rhetoric to some?

What really is behind the movement?

Does the agitation for Biafra mean another civil war in Nigeria?

What is the motive behind Nnamdi Kanu’s struggle for secession? How can the situation be resolved without escalation?

Following the launch of Operation Python Dance 2 by the Nigerian military forces Nigerians were suddenly confronted with the fact that the Biafra agitation must now be resolved with sensitivity, to avoid bloody escalation. Does the sudden designation of IPOB as a terrorist organisation mean the agitation is dead and buried?

The Biafra Manifesto examines what Nigeria should do to avoid political catastrophe.

Writer and researcher, Odega shawa, has meticulously put together a book that has the potential to resolve the conflict generated by Biafra without the waste of innocent blood. The language is simple, to make sure that everybody understands what the solution is.

In a world where global and conscious reaction to conflict rises post scriptum The Biafra Manifesto raises a cry for the world to stop and look before the storm, not after; as it did in Rwanda in 1994. There is now only one power on earth that can stop the movement of Biafra from escalating to the next devastating carnage in Africa. The Biafra Manifesto clearly identifies what that power is – and how best to use it, before it is too late.

The ebook is available on Go grab your own copy. The ebook is also available world wide on Amazon Kindle. You can make your purchase from anywhere in the world.

The author with Prof. Wole Soyinka
Print copies are available nationwide at print on demand rates. Make your payment of N2000 to Odega Shawa, GTB 0015019474 and it will be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria within 7 days. For those living in Lagos delivery takes 4 days.

Print copies will be available world wide from October 1 2017. In the US and Europe The BIafra Manifesto is published by Hattus Books

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