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OBJ blasts Wole Soyinka

imageWhile former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s new book ‘My Watch’ continues to cause stir in the political arena and the matter now is like a court- soap with rulings being sought to discredit the book from affected individual. An excerpts of what the former president recorded about Prof. Wole Soyinka may also not be palatable after all. He wrote: I am not often amused by his ( Soyinka) political comments which are almost always self-serving. For Wole, no one can be good nor can anything be spot on politically except that which emanates from him or is ordained by him. His friends and loved ones will always be right and correct no matter what they do or fail to do. I understand it has been his character from his schooldays….. I am not alone, I find him a misfit as a political analyst, commentator or critic. It is thus good that he did not foray into politics. He is surely a better wine connoisseur and a more successful aparo — hunter than a political critic, not to talk of what he would be as a politician. I take him seriously on almost all issues except on the political, particularly Nigerian politics.”

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