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OAK Pensions Satisfied with Rise in Earnings

Chairman of OAK Pensions, Dr Awa Ibraheem, has expressed satisfaction with the growth in profit of the company in the 2016 financial year.
At the firm’s 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Lagos recently, Mr Ibraheem said the increased earnings will definitely excite shareholders.
During the period under review, OAK Pensions raised its profit to N230.9 million from N130.6 million in the previous year.
This, according to the Chairman, was due to different careful implementation of policies to grow the company put in place by management.
One of these policies was increasing its accessibility in all parts of the country, having offices in the six geopolitical regions of Nigeria.
“In Lagos, we operate two offices; we have office in Uyo. We have offices covering South-West in Ibadan, Osogbo. We have in the South-South, we have in Asaba; we have in Port-Harcourt. In North-Central, we have in Abuja; we have all over the place,” he said.
He further said, “We made profit this year and we are satisfied with the returns we are generating for our RSA holders, which I believe is a product of the service we are rendering. What is important to us is effectiveness in the totality of the services to our stakeholders.”
Speaking on the company’s future plans, Mr Ibraheem said, “We would explore the potential in the micro-pension scheme when officially introduced by the National Pension Commission.”
“We are more than prepared because we have started doing our background work; we are just waiting for the Federal Government to launch the scheme.
“What we do now is that we have a department that is devoted to micro-pension activities,” the Chairman expressed optimism.

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