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Nollywood Star Rachael Oniga Signs Real Estate Ambassadorial Deal

One of the principal female characters of Nigeria movies industry, Actress Rachael Oniga has recently signed an ambassadorial contract with a real estate firm.
The company confirmed that the outstanding performer’s fascinating virtues and values earned her the deal.
According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Revolution Plus, Bamidele Onalaja said that she was rewarded as an ambassador based on her notable lifestyle.
“We chose her for three major reasons. The first is that she has been scandal free all along. She is an artiste of high repute and thirdly, she is multi lingual.With her, we are taking the brand from being young to be being bold. We develop estates all over the country and have never toyed with our integrity over the years. This is to tell the world about the world about our projects.”
The actress responded as the brand ambassador of Resolution Plus, saying: “ I accepted to be the brand Ambassador because I carefully studied them after talking with other organizations and found out that they are credible. I am happy with where God has brought me so far. I am very particular about sincerity and I have seen that they are serious minded.
I can attest to their honesty and truthfulness in the business. Anybody that is dealing with them or planning to do so is in the right place. If they fail to live up to the standard they are telling the public, people should feel free to call me and I will be the first to denounce them. But from every indication, this is a company that is trustworthy. It will never tell the people one thing and do another”.

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