Nightshift closes shop to clubbing


Niteshift Coliseum Guvnor, Ken Caleb Olumese is a man with fast thinking cap and he is thinking right. Faced with economic reality dwindling revenue and mounting expenditure, the management took a bold decision to keep the business going in a decent approach. This informed the management’s decision to close down Nightshift Coliseum clubbing and look into corporate event hosting. Few months back, It was gathered that the once busy night club that had played host to many prominent personalities in the country was fast becoming a ghost of it former self. This is as a result of dramatic drop in patrons and several other factors.

The club which started business in the 90s is said to have lost most of its diehard regulars likely to old age. Meanwhile a source said the inability of the club to attract the upward mobile patrons was largely the decision of the management to offer class and not follow the trend of ‘anything goes’. ‘The governor is very conservative as he has refused to follow the trend but stick to his old trick that has lost relevant with today’s youth’ an observer said.

Instead of competing with wave making club owners who have taken over the night clubbing, the management has decided to engage in events that are relevant to its core value of class and panache. Little wonder the once number one club in Africa has hosted few corporate events in the past few weeks. More so, he has many things going for him, such as the brand and aesthetic of the Niteshift which arguably is the best in the country. When the Guvnor was contacted, he admitted stopping the clubbing aspect but disagrees with the use of Closing Down. He told News of the People that the plan to change focus of business is in line with reality on ground and the management’s decision not to join the bandwagon. He concluded ‘we shall invite everybody when we want to make a big come back because all the ones you have been seeing are just a tip of the iceberg’.


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