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Nigerians react to Ekiti State street governance

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose checking motorists and okada riders' license.
Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose checking motorists and okada riders’ license.
Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has made it a self-responsibility to correct every indiscipline and unlawful act of some residents of Ekiti by coming out physically to major road to check falters in the state.
Fayose, who became governor under the flag of Labour Party defected to the People Democratic Party in 2014, was seen checking drivers’ license of both motorists and bike (okada) riders of the state.
mixed reactions of Nigerians on social media followed the performance put up by the top critic of President Mohammudu Buhari of All Progressive Party.
Mr. Chijioke Emmanuel, in his own view said “That is not his job, he should busy himself up with issues concerning building the state and other infrastructure. Fayose stop confusing ur people”. He called.
Olayinka Ajao, in arch tone said “Jobless, idle governor!!! That is not governance.
Mr Chibuike Awazie believed that the act is worth emulation by other governors “I believe there is something in this govnor we should learn he is an all rounder why will not win election when he is at home with his people weldone gov Fayose hope the eyes of your critics are open that you don’t only eat amala in the bukar with nobodies, could also police the road God be with u sir”. He said.
Ms. Ewaoluwa Adeshina Thompson, commented in pigin said “Fayose pls tell dem say..if them like make dem fire catapult of envy and throw u bomb of jeolousy and stand dey eye your progress dem no fit put asunder ooooooo” she stressed.
Dee Anayo sees the governor as an examplary leader “The best and the most active governor in Nigeria. Leadership is by example not sitting in the office and embezzle people’s commonwealth”.
To Mubarak Audu it is a way of getting fame “Everybody has his or her own way to be popular, you guys should leave that man alone. He is doing what will make him close to his people, afterall the whites do more this and we black still praise them.
Camal Ojigun believes it is an achievement on Fayose’s part “There’s nothing wrong in what this man is doing if you ask me though. The other governors who are in their offices, what meaningful thing have they been doing? Stealing what belongs to the general public.
Ariyibi Kehinde Jnr said “When Fashola disguised to so many general hospital, nobody complaining…now is Fayose you people start criticism…that’s his own style…”
The governor, who was also recently seen in the street threatening every civil servant late to work, said the state workers must deliver for the salary they earn.

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