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Nigerian baby shocks the world

1408633752625_wps_1_Onyi_Chiedozie_s_2_week_oIf you say the planet world is fast coming to an end you may not be far from the truth. This is because strange things that are beyond human comprehension are occurring on daily basis across the globe that most cases defies science and medical research. What can you say of a three weeks old baby, Amara Chiedozie who is already feeding herself, Waoh you say!
She is the daughter of a Nigerian single mother based in United Kingdom, UK. Onyi Chiedozie said she was a little bit worried when she first started the action when she was three days old. She further revealed that baby Amara regularly holds her bottle and pushed it away when she is full. “I just think she has a lot of strength. I am not sure why, though she was not particularly heavy when she was born. When she does not want to feed she will push it away, she is not strong enough to throw it away, but she does push it away like she does her dummy. If she is hungry she starts shaking then she will just grab the bottle as you give it to her”. The 20 years old mother revealed.
When News of The People, NOTP, sought the views of a medical practitioner who also craved for anonymity, he said, “a child of her age is not suppose to help herself in feeding or anything of such. Medicine discovering has not gotten to that extent, as an African man l don’t believe she is an ordinary child. As far as am concern medically this is strange to me”
Iya Abiye a popular traditional birth attendant in Ikorodu said, “the baby is a very special one, the mother should be careful because she will soon start to do other strange things that will even be scaring to her mother, if her mother take care of her very well she may not torment her but if she do otherwise it spell doom for her”.
According to a Shepherd in a C&S white garment church in Ketu, “both the child and the mother needs serious spiritual cleansing, this is a bad omen in the family, urgent prayer and fasting needed to be arranged before bad and strange things started happening in the family”.

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