Nigeria to Sign Paris Climate Treaty In September

In line with the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Nigeria has announced plans to commence national preparation towards signing and ratification of the Paris Agreement in September.
The Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed stated these at Ministerial Breakfast Meeting on Implementation of Nigeria’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs) in Abuja yesterday.
In April, during the signing ceremony, Nigeria did not endorse the document along with some member countries, but to make more consultations with the stakeholders on the INDC towards the process that will fulfill international obligations.
She submitted, “It will not be late if Nigeria delays in signing of Paris Agreement to the month in order to put all interests together to make the document the best and acceptable for the climate change projects in the country.”
“Nigeria has been actively involved in International Climate policy negotiations since it became a Party to UNFCCC in 1994 and ratifying its Kyoto Protocol in 2004. We submitted our First National Communication,FNC, in 2003 and a Second in February 2014.”
To her, Nigeria’s INDC was adjudged as one of the best from Africa and it is expected to promote sustainable development and deliver on government priorities. The policies will also deliver immediate development benefits, alleviate poverty and increase social welfare.”
Expected outcome, she continued, to increase understanding of the INDC among Ministers and key top government officials; implementation roadmap aligned with national priorities approved and mainstreamed into sector plans.
She stated, the objectives of these are to reduce the impacts of climate change through adaptation measures that can be undertaken by the federal, state and local governments, civil society, private sector, communities and individuals.
“Its implementation requires full commitment from all relevant stakeholders, cutting across various sectors of the economy. Hence, the need to include interest groups in deliberations on activities needed to achieve the targets set was needed,” she added.

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