Ned Nwoko’s soaring image

Why Idumuje-Igboko indigenes love him

Ned Nwoko is a man who does not dance to the rhythm of mass hysteria. He is literally a phantom of delight; like a moment’s apparition poised to become numero uno philanthropist. The prince of Idumuje-Igboko has warmed himself into the hearts of his people on account of his selfless service to humanity, humility, tact, sophistication and godly traits and his desire to develop his community.
It is an incontrovertible fact that he loves his people with a passion. So enthralled to his people is the prince of Idumuje-Igboko that he invested heavily in his hometown. His voracious love for people cannot be quantified.
For instance, he is currently building a sports university in the serene agrarian community of Idumuje-Igboko, Delta State known as Stars University. It is a statement of fact to say that sports education is one of the critical areas in a nation’s economic development. The Stars University which is the acronym for Sports Technology and Arts University will offer professional first degree certificate in sports-related fields.
The multi-million dollar project upon completion will boast of a three-floor academic building, top-scale art library, medical centres, Olympic-size swimming pool, and standard pitches for football, hockey and baseball. The university will also have a five-star hotel.
Ned is also constructing a golf course known as Ned Nwoko Golf Classic in Idumuje-Ugboko, Delta State.
Prince Ned Nwoko who represented Aniocha North-South and Oshimili North-South in the House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003 did not stop there, over a hundred university students are currently benefitting from his scholarship scheme. Last year, he spent over N600 million on scholarships for students in universities in Nigeria and abroad.
He doled out N100 million to construct the four-kilometer Onicha Ugbo/Idumuje Ugboko road and spent over N30 million on medical bills for those afflicted with different ailments.
The likeable bloke is a British-trained lawyer who began his legal career as a prosecutor for the crown and qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. He worked at Kumars Solicitors and Pascaldiers & Co Solicitors before establishing Ned Nwoko & Co Solicitors in London. He returned to Nigeria to continue with his career.
All of these did not come easy; it was as a result of hard work, dedication, doggedness and perseverance.
Recently, there had been a campaign of calumny against Ned Nwoko, that he forcefully took over hectares of land belonging to peasant farmers in his community for his golf course project without adequately compensating them. According to Ned, this is unfounded and a tissue of lies. He added that he has the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) of the said land and compensated all the farmers that had crops on the land adding that he was willing to compensate any other persons who have genuine claims.
He further said that this development had nothing to do with the golf course, instead it revolved around some youths who went on rampage and killed two people.
“The issue is not about the golf course, it is about some criminals who killed two people, injured over 100 defenseless people, and destroyed their homes and properties. They are currently facing various criminal charges in Federal High Court, Abuja after thorough investigations by the police and the human rights commission.”

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