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The story of Laide Bakare’s separation from her old husband has remained a puzzle for many reasons. This is because of the fact that the more she tries to exonerate herself, the messier the situation she found herself as her ex has refused to let go of the matter. Yesterday, Laide’s publicist issued a statement which according to them is to put the record straight. According to the statement, the Nollywood Star Actress, Laide Bakare, would like to set the records straight regarding her decision to walk away from her old marriage to Mr. Olumide Okufulire.

She, however, will be brief because, according to her, she has a reputation that would not be allowed to be sacrificed on the altar of falsehood, frustration and desperation that she believes has become the hallmark her erstwhile husband, Mr. Okufulire.

Laide said she could not believe  it was Mr. Okufulire who had said all he was quoted to have said in news magazines’ serial interviews. “Ordinarily, I would not believe all the stories of him saying those rubbish in the media. May be he was being pushed to say those things by those who know nothing about how we lived together or, may be, they just want to put him in a big trouble”, Laide had said

Reacting to his alleged claim that he was going for a DNA test over their child, Laide said that Mr. Olumide, if he actually said that, “must have gone mad”. she alleged that Olumide “must be oozing from chronic drunkenness which became his status long before she met him.She is simply daring him to go ahead with the decision. “Let him go ahead if he really meant it but I’m sure he has run mad.

Laide with ex Hubby, Olumide

On the claim by Mr. Okufulire that Laide never separated from him as wife before she wedded another man, in this case, Mr. Tunde Oriowo, the actress stated that she actually divorced Mr. Olumide Okufulire in October 2011 from the marriage of understanding she had with him.”I divorced him properly and normally”, she said. Continuing, Laide said that, five consecutive times, court injunction papers were sent to Mr. Okufulire notifying him of her (Laide’s) decision to quit the marriage but that Okufulire would not sign the documents neither did he return any of those documents.

“When I realized that he was not ready to let go of me after I was sure I had done enough trying to salvage him from chronic drinking of alcohol and other things I would not like to talk about now, including other bad habits that usually follow heavy drinking, I sought the advice of my lawyers who told me I was good to go. That was in 2011, around October. I have left him since then”. According to Laide, even while they were married, they never stayed together as husband and wife. It was their collective agreement, though. “He would only visit me in Nigeria when he felt like and then left. I would also visit him in America and returned to my career in Nigeria. It was an understanding between us”.

What actually poisoned her mind against the marriage with Mr. Olumide, according to the actress, was when she discovered that Mr. Olumide has a grown up child and two different women. “He lied to me that he was never married and had no children yet when we agreed to marry. But I was shocked to find out later that he has a 14 years old son, his first, in Ondo, Ile Oluji, named OLAOLUWA, and she has a mistress living with him in America named TOSIN. What I faced learning about these women should not be a subject for the public but the best decision was for me to leave. My new husband, I met him almost one year after I left him. That is just to let the public know the truth about me because I’m a celebrity and nobody knows him until he got married to Laide Bakare”.

Olumide is a disappointment. I know what I’m talking about. He has disappointed so many people I know. I went through a lot staying with him. I had to be dragged to pay heavy debts he owed people which I knew nothing about. He kept drinking heavily and owing debts leaving me to pay them. Yet he was dishonest. If truly he has said he would arrest me, he should know that I’m the one that can put him in trouble. Let him back his talks with action. He must be unserious and irresponsible to have said he wanted a DNA for our daughter. Let him do it, I’m available but that is not the hallmark of a good father.  But I’m not ready to talk on the matter again because I’m now a free woman. I have a new live now which I’m enjoying with my lovely husband, the biological father of my new baby, Babatunde”. 

The actress said that though she ordinarily would not react to Mr. Okufulire’s tantrums because of the future of their little daughter’s future, but it is imperative to speak up so that those who read and give comments to her ex-husband’s claims can have a balanced picture of the issue.        





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