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MORE GOVS WILL DIE IN 2013 -Primate Ayodele

The renowned seer, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Alaseyori Church, is speaking again. The respected man of God last year had predicted on page 137 of his book, Warning To the Nation that Britain must rebuke the demise of a prominent citizen and that a top NIGERIAN POLITICIAN WILL DIE.  According to him, the politician message was refering to the late deputy governor of Ekiti who died last week. The book also said Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) must be very prayerful so that they will not lose prominent members to accidents. He also predicted that the president’s wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, will have recurring health problems. “Obasanjo will stop being relevant in politics in 2015.President Jonathan, insisting on contesting for a return to office in 2015, will create crisis for Nigeria. People will clamour seriously for separation and disintegration of Nigeria. There will be clamour for federalism, parliamentary system and the regional system we have practised in the past. So, there will be a lot of confusion in the land. The Nigerian Governors’ Forum needs to be very prayerful. I foresee that a deadlier sect than Boko Haram has arrived in Nigeria and is planning coordinated attacks that will shock and shake Nigeria. Natural disasters will claim lives and properties in Nigeria and the world over. Bombings will hit the Southwest of Nigeria. Winning the Nations’ Cup trophy, God showed me, Nigeria’s prospect is bright but we must pray well. Below are excerpts from his latest messages.

Why have you been quiet for so long?
We have always been around. What you have not been hearing, perhaps, is the voice. Even at that, we have been talking because we do services; the church activities and the humanitarian activities have been on as usual. We just celebrated Easter. The Easter period, as a man of God, is when you consult with God to know when to talk and when not to speak out. It is when people like us have the spiritual retreat. I have been on the retreat for over 90 days fortifying myself spiritually.

Before now, you have consistently criticized the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN’s) leadership. Are you still maintaining your stand now or you are shifting grounds?
Let me be sincere with you; CAN has not been playing its role as an umbrella Christian body. The leadership of CAN has turned the body to a kind of political party through which they play politics and solicit government. The current leadership of CAN lacks vision, they lack focus.
You have regularly been opposed to the style of the CAN President, Ayo Oritsejafor. What is it that you have against his person?
Well, I have nothing personal against him but I don’t see how we can divorce Oritsejafor from CAN being the national leader. My grouse with the man is because he has turned CAN into an organization that speaks for the government. As CAN President, ask him how many CAN presidents exist in Lagos alone. Nobody knows who the Lagos CAN president is. Even in other states, you don’t know who is who. During the Easter, what did he do for Christians that was open to the public? What has CAN under Oritsejafor done to allay the fears of Nigerian Christians of the Boko Haram’s threats and attacks? Oritsejafor perhaps does not realize that Christians include prophetic men of God, not just flamboyant pastors who fly in 21 years old private jets around in the name of ministering to the world. Oritsejafor should just resign and face his private businesses. I believe there is future for CAN after him.
Did you foresee a permanent solution to the Boko Haram threat should the government ultimately grant them amnesty?
President Jonathan should not toy with the idea of granting Boko Haram amnesty because he will live to regret it. Boko Haram is not the Niger-Delta militants. What God has told me is that Jonathan will regret the action if he succumbs to giving amnesty to Boko Haram.
Boko Haram has been in the Southwest for more than one year and they are spreading. This is where CAN under Oritsejafor is failing. Should they have genuine prophetic men of God in CAN, I’m sure they would be having first-hand security reports about Boko Haram and other security challenges. But because Jonathan doesn’t have genuine prophets who warn him ahead of dangers, the CAN leadership just sells him dummies to get money. He should not put the country in more trouble by giving Boko Haram amnesty. He should ignore those advising him to do so because his government will suffer for it. The terrorist group that will take over from Boko Haram is already on ground and it is deadlier. Book Haram is already weakened.
The President has just given state pardon to his former boss, Chief Alamieyeseigha and the public erupted in controversy. Do you see a spiritual angle to that gesture?
This is what I have just talked about. Jonathan lacks the right people to advise him on sensitive steps in governance. If he had the best men and women, even prophetic pastors who are genuine, I’m sure he would not have done what he did in his own term. He needed to wait on God’s term to handle the Alamieyeseigha’s matter but he rushed to do it because he does not have spiritual-inclined advisers to assist him. If he did the right thing, he certainly did it at the time of man not of God. He failed to ask from God.
Share some of your other new predictions.
I foresee a big trouble in the Police if the injustice currently going on is not stopped. The Police are constantly promoting junior officers above the senior ones. This will cause a big problem if not checked. The Obasanjo and Jonathan’s fight is going to be a very serious one. But I will speak on this very soon. Nigeria needs a lot of prayers to survive this period. I foresee unemployment, hunger and economic problems. I foresee weather troubles. We have to pray against a plane crash. I have not seen APC coming near the presidency because the name is a wrong one. The ACN must be very careful. PDP is working seriously to capture the Southwest.

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