Monalisa Chinda Finds Love! Steps Out With Lagos Big Boy Lanre Nzeribe

Years after a very nasty experience with her first marriage to her now divorced first hubby, Dejo Richards, pretty actress and Glo Ambassador, Monalisa seems to have found love again. The mother of one wowed everyone recently, as she appeared damning in her bid to take her love life to the next level, no thanks to her action at the Friday, March 1, 2013 premiere of Uche Jombo’s film ‘My Life’, which took place at the Ozone Cinema, Yaba, Lagos.

The dashing actress gave no hoot as she damned all ‘tatafos’ who have been spreading the then unconfirmed story about her secret dalliance/romance with city businessman and socialite, Lanre Nzeribe. The two, to the amazement of all, stepped out hand-in-hand graciously to the well-attended premiere. And as if to put to rest all the speculations, Mona was to blurt out at the event, “I’m happy and fulfilled that I’m in love again, and I’m glad it’s for real this time”.

It should be recalled that since Monalisa severed her marriage to Dejo Richards years back, she has remained very coded and discreet about her love life, and that is if there was any, until this recent stepping out.

Sources disclosed that the relationship began on a platonic level several months back when Lanre had met the Kiss and Tell star and literarily got smitten by her beauty.

At the premiere, the two ‘friends’ deliberately delayed their arrival until all the other guests and journalists have left the red carpet zone for the cinema hall; they, however, were not as that lucky as they bumped into some photographers who were still lurking around.

It was observed that immediately they came into the cinema hall, the two got in the mood sharing comments on some scenes from the movie and from their gestures, the chemistry between the two could not be mistaken. Once the tape stopped rolling and everyone trooped out of the hall, Nzeribe gave her a few gap to ward off the usually nosy reporters who still wanted comments from the two.

For some time now, there has been rumour that Monalisa and Nzeribe are an item. Ordinarily, that shouldn’t have been an issue since the actress is now a single woman, getting her life back after a failed, abusive marriage. Nzeribe, a man with children, who is known to have dated many other celebrity women in the past and has ended up ditching them in very controversial manner.

According to an insider, “at the end of last year, the two had already become a pair and were spotted together by friends on different occasions in very suggestive state. But friends’ speculations were confirmed late last year, with Lanre’s full participation in Monalisa’s foundation and charity ball that held at the Oriental Hotels, in December 2012. They weren’t hiding their relationship for any reason, because they are happy together.”

It was further said that Lanre was also actively involved in the celebration of Monalisa’s daughter’s 5th birthday party that held at the Oceanview last month. Maybe fans of Monalisa can now wait patiently for her wedding bell to ring, even as they are very skeptical about their idol’s new choice of a partner.

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