Modupe Ozolua Launches International Campaign To Help Boko Haram Survivors

modupe-ozolua1Body Enhancement Foundation owned by Modupe Ozolua, recently launched the Rehabilitate Internally Displaced Women and Children (RIDWC) campaign, a registered campaign to create awareness of the plight of Boko Haram Survivors and also raise funds to help rehabilitate them.
Monies raised are to be used to buy machinery, get farmlands, and start up small-scale businesses for the women; as well as buy more uniforms, shoes, and writing materials for displaced children at camps in harboring states
The Body Enhancement Foundation has actively conducted humanitarian programs in Africa for the last 12 years; and impacted countless Nigerians through different philanthropic programs such as free surgeries, food drives, donation of clothing, and currently the rehabilitation of internally displaced Nigerians.
The foundation started this process in Gombe and Adamawa States where they internally rehabilitate displaced Nigerian women and children due to insurgency caused by Boko Haram, their focus is to “rehabilitate” them, not give them “relief.”
In Gombe, women were given sewing machines; money for petty trade, fabrics to trade, paid their rent, gave items needed for local food processing, clothing, food and also toys to the children.
In Yola, a school for 501 internally displaced children at a camp between the ages of 1 to 14yrs old was created. They got uniforms, shoes, writing materials and have hired the teachers amongst the displaced Nigerians at the camp; and now pay them monthly to teach the children.
This is to help them regain their dignity and start earning a living again, regardless of what petty trade they used to do before becoming displaced; they have to be assisted via enabling them to be self-sufficient again.

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