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MMM sores Participants yuletide

Seemingly, the fear of many over untimely crash of MMM, an internet money trading network have manifested when the administration recently frozen all its participant account.

According to the admin, Sergey Mavrodi the participants may have to wait a month longer to get their refunds or compensation which they have been eagerly awaiting to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities.

The decision came up barely 24 hours after its founder, Sergey Mavrodi, wrote to Nigeria, criticising the later’s constant attacks on the ponzi scheme.


The one month deferment to pay Nigerians is an apparent indication that MMM Nigeria has crashed.
The administrators of the scheme, early Tuesday, announced freezing of participants’ monies for one month.

This has led many partakes to panic as most had counted in the capital as Christmas and New Year festive approach.

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  1. mmm has not crashed please. its not good spreading this kinda news around as u r bound to get participants a lot worried. this freezing of mavro is a necessary measure to keep the system alive and for a long time. thank u

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