Mirabel Centre laments increase in sexually-assaulted disabled persons

THE Mirabel Sexual Assault Referral Centre, SARC, has said that within four years of its existence, no fewer than 2,342 survivors of sexual assault in Lagos State have been assisted to regain a sense of control, lamenting that there is an increase in the number of sexually assaulted disabled persons.

It also lamented the absence of systematically-collected and analyzed data on most social problems in Nigeria.
These were disclosed in Lagos yesterday at a forum convened to celebrate the anniversary of the Centre.
Also, at the event, SARC made public its findings from years of collated and analysed data in a documentary.
At the event, the Advisory Board Chairman of Partnership for Justice, Professor Ayo Atsenuwa, who said the absence of data had been bedevilling development planning in Nigeria, commended the Centre for coming up with data on sexual assault.
He said: “It provides empirical evidence to validate what was hitherto suspected of sexual assault, which is the prevalence of child victims and the tendency of assailants to take advantage of the familiar relationship with the victim.”
The report said 79 percent of victims, who got Mirabel’s assistance, were under the age of 18, adding that 43 percent were between the ages of 11 and 17, constituting the largest group of victims.
Also, victims over the age of 23 were revealed to have constituted the smallest group at 10 percent, while the majority of cases involved single perpetrators, accounting for 89 percent of all cases.
The report said the most cases reported to the Centre were mostly female, while male only accounted for two percent.

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